Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Traveling the World

Forgive me for the lack of updating on this blog. I try and get it to update itself and the damn thing just won't do it. Its so frustrating. So then I thought I would start stealing posts from cjane...But after all the hoopla that's been going on with that...I decided against it.
Ha. Just Kidding!
Anyway I've been super busy.(not really) more like super lazy. I have been having consecutive "high P days"...and really have become quite unspicy (this is from cjane). Oh well.
We took a wonderful trip to Paris with our boys a few weeks ago. We had a fabulous time just relaxing and seeing the sites. Oh my goodness...your thinking we went to Paris, France! No. We went to Paris, Idaho! Population 256. Cowtown, USA. A fabulous place if you've never been. Home of the world's best 4th of July chuck wagon breakfast! and worlds hokiest parade. We of course stayed in St. Charles whilst we visited, and it really was a charming vacay.
Christian has been studying like crazy for a insurance licensing exam he will be taking next Tuesday. Wow...I bet I just applied a lot of pressure to him.
I have been unsuccessfully trying to teach my 2 year old how to engineer the workings of a
otter pop. Any ideas?
What else???
Not much really... We did get rear ended last week by a F350(a West Valley City Parks and Recreation Employee) I actually feel really lucky that if we had to be rear ended at least its going to be paid for...When your driving around in WVC I think the chances of being hit by someone with insurance must be fidyfidy if you know what I mean:0)..
Has anyone out there watched Miss "O" and seen Peter Walsh? Well he has this book called "Its all to much" So good... So mostly I've been doing that...Ya know DEJUNKING all the crizap I've been hauling around all these years. I actually have tossed 52% of my children's toys...and I even got rid of my beautiful Mikasa cake cutter/and cake picker upper gadgets from my wedding.
I am so proud.
Well happy "cinco de mayo" I'll be at that restaurant I work at just hanging out cause we all know ain't no one gonna come in to eat. Come in if you want though...we can serve you a Corona Beer to celebrate the Holiday. ( You should know we don't have limes though)


Debbie said...

Yay, yay, yay, your BACK! Oh how I've missed you. Congrats on dejunking, I'm so jealous.

A little Gatherum Story said...

Finally!! Sheesh. I was beggining to wonder if you were ever going to post!

Christian Levi said...

Ok babe...two criticisms. This post wasn't "stella'" but I know you're just "getting your groove back".

OK that was dumb. (anyone else get my pathetic attempt at humor?)On we go...

#1 I think that 256 is a little generous for Paris.

#2 Don't you think my near bleeding to death, my flirt with cancer, my back surgery, is worthy of a Blog post?? Heck I'd be happy with a one liner.

Thanks for the love.

Glad you're back tho..

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