Monday, June 8, 2009

1000 Things Continued

27. I ONLY will eat Costco, and Ball Park brand hot dogs....I really like them cut down the long side and pan fried...YUM. That's how I take them.
28. My personality color is white. I am very non-confrontational.. But very passive-aggressive.
29. I am very vindictive..but rarely carry out my planned capers.
30. I am EXTREMELY private. This is a personality trait I take a lot of crap for.
31. This is why I chose not to tell about this pregnancy until 14 weeks, that is when I was ready.
32. I strongly believe people are entitled to their personality traits.
33. Unless its flawed.,they should work to improve it..I have plenty of these flaws that I am working on., being private isn't one of them...thank you very much!
34. I really dislike the strawberry pie my work is serving up right now..I couldn't even swallow.
35. I made a lemon cake today...Turns out I hate lemon cake too. It tasted like pepper.
36. I love my husband...cause he is always willing to run out and get me a slurpee. He has always done this, and its really sweet.
37. I wish I were better at paying compliments...This is a "trait" I can for sure work on.
38. I love rocking Riley..its so soothing,. sometimes I go in his room just to rock myself and take a breather.
39. I love when Payton says " I need to eat Chinese food cause it helps me with my "inja" moves"
40. There are 9 children in my family.
41. I am number 3.
42. I wish my life didn't always feel so messy...I make it that way..and I really want to work harder on simplifying it.
43. I wonder if everyone feels this way,,, and if its really possible to live a "simple life" not like Paris and Nicole;)Remember that show?
44. I bite my fingernails.
45. I hardly ever where mascara cause when I do I pull it off along with half my eyelashes.
46. I like to keep my hair dark brown.
47. I really believe caffeine is bad, my Dr wrote a article in the Ensign about how it is against the word of wisdom.. I believe this. With that said.............
48. I really like Cherry Coke.
49. Its highly unlikely I will make it to 1000.
50. Hot dog...I made it to fidy. My favorite candy this week is nibs, and don't you think Red Vines are the best?
51. Today I was so embarrassed cause Payton was SUCH a STINKER in sacrament meeting. So naughty! I was so frazzled with him and was ready to run out the door the second the meeting ended. A new senior couple was assigned to our ward and sat behind me during sacrament meeting and they introduced themselves after, I shook hands and introduced myself...The sister put 2 and 2 together and then said " I thought that was your husband on the stand" and I replied "Ya its a real treat" and walked off. Who on earth says that?
52. I expect to be struck by lighting any second.
53. I have a lot of spiritual growing to do...
54. I have learned that when it comes to things of spiritual nature and service, there are times in our lives when we shine and we devote ourselves to it.. and for me there are simply times in my life when I do neither and just try to keep it all together so to speak. I would like to apologize to my husband for that.
55.Moving on... I really love Brighton Jewelry!
56. In 9th grade I dressed up as Blue the bear on the Jungle Book and ran for school office. I lost of course,,,,and I'm still really embarrassed by it.
57. I really like Reba McIntyre,. Still.
58. This third little bun in the oven will likely be named after a Chevron Car. More to come on that.
59. I count the blessing everyday that I am at home this summer in the beautiful state of Utah and not out perusing the country!
60. I am not adventurous....obviously
61. Someday I really hope to be a fun person...I am so drab.
62. This little project really opens my eyes to all the things I need to work on! Good thing..
63. I will never get sick of eating at Cafe Rio, ever, ever..
64. If I had $20,000 bucks laying around I would buy my husband a sexy car,,,with A/C;)
65. I LOVE the color lime green, all variations!


beth said...

Red vines ARE the best!
And I'm glad there is someone out there defending us private people. I seriously don't think I will ever tell my boss that I'm pregnant. He will just have to assume and be to afraid to ask.

Amy Rindy said...

I am loving this 1000 things list! It's great learning random things about you, and, as always, you make me laugh. I hope Payton gets lots of Chinese food so he can perfect those ninja moves. And I will never get sick of Cafe Rio either. Ever.

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