Thursday, June 4, 2009

Do You Ever Wonder

....Why this blog is titled "the daily berg" and it really isn't daily???
HOW I WISH I were clever enough to write something DAILY that didn't have the title
"today we went to the park"
"today I had a friggin headache" (this one I could blog about everydangday)
(I hate second trimester)
"today we ate at noodles and it was good"
"today we went to the park again." (I think I've visited every park in the valley)
"today we went to the Children's Museum" (What again?? Shocker)
ETc...Cause frankly those posts are boring folks...real boring. This is my life...and of course its far from boring....Its not the kinda stuff anyone with a brain likes reading about.
Have you ever seen those blogs that list "100 things about me" ????
Those can be kinda interesting right??
I give you 1000. This will hopefully take a few weeks and then I will tell you all about my 4th of July when I am done.. Cause I know fo sho you will want to see pics of the "Paris Parade"

1. I really like my Costco Melamine Bowls. (hey I gotta start somewhere)
2. I like my husband (these aren't in order honey..don't feel bad)
3. I met my husband in drivers ed when I was 15..I've like him ever since..well except in 1999 I really hated him that year. Come to think of it I really didn't like anyone in 1999.
4.I really like green eyes. I tell everyone mine are green...its even on my Driver's License.
They are in fact Hazelish...NOT green.
4. I really really really LOVE the rain. SO much that I always wanted to serve a mission in Portland Oregon...Cause I heard it rains there a lot. My best friend Yesse left on her mission a few months before me... to where??? Portland Oregon.
5. I was a little jealous
6. I was called to Costa Rica...a rain forest. Literally. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure rain fell from the sky everyday I was in the country. (The Lord does answer prayers in big ways)
7. Walking in the rain 10 miles a day isn't the same as enjoying it on the porch, or all nestled up in bed... but I still really love the rain.
8. I really prefer a cloudy sky
9. I am sadly not a very social person. Because of this people either think of me as:
10. mysterious
11. anti social
12. I prefer "10" for obvious reasons.
13. I really love my boys.. I think I love them the same... But sometimes I wonder if in moments of truth if I really like one more than the other.
14. I dislike living in a multi leveled house and look forward to moving.
15. I hate wearing slips. I almost never where one. I hate them that bad.
16. I hate wearing any type of layers... I have enough layers of my own if you know what I mean.
17. I am usually a night owl,,,except for the last few months.. I am a queasy,headachey, wanna sleep 24 hours a day owl.
18. I would prefer to be just a night owl.
19. I love when Riley sucks a binky.. He only gets it at night...But its so cute!
20. Payton has the sweetest smile of any child I know. Dead tooth and all.
21. I love Dansko shoes
22. I would desperately love to have a super clean organized house.
23. One day I will get there.. Probably during the millineum.
24. I love love love to throw things away. Anything to remove items from my house. Less feels so good when it comes to junk.
25. I don't feel so hot right now...
26. I've had a headache alllllldayyy and I had a slurpee for dinner.

Well this is a good start. It might take till Christmas...not the 4th of July as originally thought.

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Debbie said...

Oh my heck you CRACK me up! Sorry your head hurts so much. I hope you feel better soon :)

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