Thursday, June 25, 2009

Half Baked

Well...My littlest man is officially "half baked". I had a level 2 ultrasound today to check his anatomy and so far so good. He still had his boyish parts for all you who thought he may have turned into a girl;). This little man will join us most likely on November 10 via C-section.
I know...I know what a lot of people are thinking. NO VBAC?? and the answer is a big fat nope. I wanted to try a VBAC for this baby, but my Dr. was VEHEMENTLY opposed to the idea. He is very supportive of VBAC but not a VBA2C, understandably as the risk of ones uterus blowing up is somewhat increased. SOOOO... to all you mamas who had a Cesarean, if you want a VBAC that is something to attempt with your second child, not your third. Unless you find a Dr. who is supportive(good luck as they are few and far between) or your planning a HBAC(home birth after Cesarean).

82. I hate that Christian thinks that everyone needs a short name, I really want to name the baby Chandler, but he says NO cause then the baby would get called "Chand".
83. I H-A-T-E when people call my husband "CHRIS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His name is Christian and he doesn't need a short name.
84. Riley is currently in a diaper, and Payt in his pajamas. Their hair resembles a tumble weed.
Where can I sign up for mother of the year?
85.As far as I know my mole is not cancerous. It was infected, gross I know.
86.I really like my Mother in laws wheat bread.
87.I drive a Toyota Avalon
88. I wish it were celery green like the new model.
89. I was proposed to in a cemetery.
90. I accepted.
91. I hate talking on the phone for the most part.
92. The world's best sandwich is the "Steak and Things" at this place in Ogden called Warrens. I am confident you won't find better. Dip it in ranch dressing. YUM
93. My favorite cereal is Honey Buzzers.
94. I wish I was like this lady I know named Heidi, cause her house is always super clean, and her life seems perfect. Its not.. It just looks that way, of course.
95. I married a really thoughtful man who takes care of me.
96.I only ever wanted to marry Christian. It took a lot of pleading to the Lord, but my desire was granted.
97. It still makes me laugh that we actually got married. It would be like wishing you won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes and then them showing up at your door. That's how I feel.
98. I know the Lord answers prayers...sometimes it takes a lot of asking so He knows your really serious.
99. I unknowingly dated a MARRIED man briefly after I got home from my mission. YIKES! His wife left him for a period shortly there after.
100. I have had the same best friend for like ever. Jesse is her name.
101. I struggle to try new things, make new friends, and meet new people.. I am comfortable with just being comfortable...I will probably never be the girl who has a ward full of friends that she hangs out with.
102. I love when Payton sings Primary songs, he can't carry a tune to save his life, but its so sweet.
103. I love when Riley sings "Book of Mormon Stories" He does the actions and its about the cutest thing ever.
104. Sometimes I feel like a bad mom cause Payt likes to tell knock knock jokes like a kajillion times a day and there so dumb that I can't even muster a fake laugh, and He'll be like "Mom laugh a funny laugh" and most the time I just can't. So then I ask him to tell Riley his jokes and I feel real bad.
105. I love when Riley snorts, or if he thinks he's gonna eat soon( like when we pull into Mcdonald's parking lot) he starts to pretend like he's eating chopping and swallowing.
106. You should all know that Christian edits this blog;) Have you ever seen a little swear and then its gone? Replaced with a word like "anti social" ???? My husbands a good man.


Lily said...

Hi Jamee! I happened to stumble upon your blog and noticed that your doctor wouldn't let you try for a VBA2C because of the supposed "increased risk" compared to a VBAC. Well, in case he or she is not aware, the largest multi-center and only prospective study on VBAmC to date by Landon, et al. (2005) found that the risk of uterine rupture with a trial of labor for a VBAmC (vaginal birth after *multiple* - note: this means two *or more* - cesareans) was very, very slightly higher than that of a VBA1C: 0.9% vs. 0.7%. It's easy to generalize and say that that VBA2C is waaay riskier than VBA1C, but it's just not true. Call it an obstetric myth based on smaller studies that failed to control for induction or augmentation. So, if you don't want to switch doctors to try for a VBA2C, you might at least want to consider doing so for the sake of having a birth attendant who can keep up to date with the medical research. Best of luck to you!

JameeMaLee said...

Hi Lily,
I have done the research and agree with you. I know the risk isn't increased by that much. Most doctors aren't informed on statistics when it comes to VBAC. I really like my Dr. and have decided to stick with him mainly cause I am at peace with having another c-section at this point. I am not a personality that could labor at home without constant worry.(Which is what a lot of women have to do to get the birth they want) My Dr is a good man and I have to respect the way he runs his practice. I believe he is very knowledgable and does what he believes is best for his patients and also whats best for his protection.(I can't blame him for that;)

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