Monday, June 15, 2009

Moving on to "66"

66. I have a mole on my right cheek... Its always been there. I think I came from heaven with it.
67. Yesterday I woke up and the tiny mole was tender and red around it..
68. Of course I have to assume at this point that its cancer.
69. Have I mentioned I worry about... well close to EVERYTHING?
70. Today I shall sit here until 3pm with worry...then I will go to see Dr. Boud so he can take a gander and give me his professional mole opinion.
71. My eldest is turning "4" this week. I am excited. Especially cause last Sunday I took away his birthday for bad behavior.. This week he earned it back. Phew. Can you imagine really having to take away your child's birthday? It probably was all talk on my end..but in the end he delivered so who cares now anyway...
72. Gosh 71 is really long.. sometimes I ramble.
73. I really love to watch the Bachelor/Bachlorette. Tonight I am hoping we can watch it together for FHE.
74. I love spaghetti... and my secret recipe is the best I have to admit.
75. I really hate the skinny window by my front door!
76. I love watermelon.. I can chop one in half and hollow out one side no problem.
77. I love how Payt is so tender-hearted.. He will cry for a hour over a stack of rocks he left by a lake in Tooele cause " He misses them" then he will pray the Jesus will stand behind them and keep them safe.. I know, I know its a little weird. But cute right?
78. I love when my kids spontaneously laugh at things they see on T.V
79. Sometimes my kids watch tooooo MUCH TV. I had them at well child checkups a few weeks ago and their Dr. asked about it... You better believe I lied.
80. I'm still worried about my mole.
81. I'm a pretty good speller. I pass the blogger spell check almost every time.

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