Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Of course we went to St. Charles for the 4th...
The kids played in the water, and got bit by lots of bugs.
We went to the best Chuck wagon breakfast ever in Paris..
We went to the hokey parade and the kids loved it!!!!
The parade is truly hilarious..It goes up one side of the street
and then back down the other.
The "floats" pretty much consist of farmer joes advertising their services.
And if you have a 1992 Mercedes that you think is so super awesome...
Well feel free to enter it in the parade!
So I admit....I was to lazy to take pictures this year!!
So these are from last year...
But they are precisely the same. The kids wore the same swim trunks.
Payton chased Kaycee with the ore, even the red bucket was there!!!
Riley walks now, that is the only difference and made for a lot more work..
He felt the need to walk clear far away and visit other people..
Thats my Riley:)

He even wore that same dumb hat:)
Until daddy made me remove it.

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emily said...

I am needing a Berg update!! You always make me laugh on your posts!!

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