Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Whats in a Name?

I don't know what it matters what we name this child....cause I rarely get called by my name.
I never call my husband be his name, if I do then he is in trouble for something;) and vice versa.
I rarely call my children by their given names either.
As for myself .... I answer to the following names:
Jamee Jo (dad calls me this sometimes)
Yamee ( this is my Mexican usually hear it in the combination of Yamee and Yesse)
Jaime ( this is what the cooks at work call them its a boy name cause Jamee for a girl doesn't exist in their language)( and if they did try and say it right it would come out "Yamee")
Jamee Lou (mom sometimes calls me this)
Jam ( which is meant to be endearing, but can't really be spelled cause it should read Jame)
Jamison ( This dude Curtis at my work only refers to me as such???)
Jim ( short name for James, my Mom's old friend Carma used call me this...
along with little ****.)
James (some people really do call me the male version of Jamee, I don't get it??)
Jamers ( I almost forgot this one!...this is what my OB calls me.funny...)
Sister Berg( fellow church goers)
Mommy (children of course)
Baby (husband obviously)

I am going to name this baby Lashbrook..cause no one will actually call him that anyway. I will call him Brooks and you can all call him whatever you want.

Calm down honey, I'm just kidding. Well sorta.

Moving on.....

107. Everyday I go to these sites...People, foxnews, yahoomail, thedailyberg, updated blogs, etc. I repeat this pattern a few times throughout the day so I don't miss anything:)
108. My favorite gum is Trident Original
109. I love how Riley eats with his right hand and uses his left to make sure the food actually gets in his mouth, I might have to post a pic so ya'll get the idea. Its cute.
110. I was looking at my file at the my Dr's office when he stepped out of the room, and unbeknownst to be he has me diagnosed with "Generalized Anxiety Disorder" What???? Being a worry wart has a fancy name?!
111. My husband and I were born 11 days apart the same year. He is older. He was born on day 11 and I was born day 22. This eventually made it easier for him to remember my birthday.
112. I never forget birthdays, or other important days. Even for random people. I check my calender and I say today July 1st is Skylar Mundys birthday (I think). Weird I know.
Stacy Moon and Alison Winder are on the 7th, my deceased chumbucket of a grandpa and my mom's friend Sarah are on the the 22nd, and Duane Fluckinger is on the 27th, and my Friends Natalie and Laura...well I think they were married on the same day and I think it was July happy anniversary ladies. Well I think that covers July.
113. I have a number fetish. Payton's birthday number is a crappy one. I wish I would have waited for a better number.
114. Once on my mission out of desperation for a softer bed, I jumped on it.....and well...the brittle wood burst apart into a million little pieces. I haven't jumped on a bed since.
115. I hate private blogs... cause I am lazy and don't want to actually have to type a password in to see the blog... Dumb I know.
116. I love to fish. Its so soothing, and relaxing.
117. I don't actually want to catch a fish. I really just want to dangle a stick and string in the water.
118. Every night the TV in my bedroom broadcasts the sitcom "Scrubs" for my husbands enjoyment.
119. I don't get it, I really don't. Can the humor in a TV show really be that dumb?
120. I sometimes do laugh though, I don't know why.
121. Payton's non-stop questions about everything under the sun don't bother me. I give myself mommy credits for that.
122. I love to listen to Dr. Laura..I agree with her most of the time. Except every now and then she says really stupid stuff, and expresses the dumbest opinions I've ever heard...


emily said...

Great pics of the little man!! Can't wait to meet Lashbrook or Chevron Car or whatever else you might name him!! Love your Top 1000 so far. I am impressed. I don't Think I could come up with such good stuff about myself. I think you are pretty interesting!! :) Love ya girl!
(PS - just bc my blog is private, doesn't mean it isn't fun to look at!! LOL! Actually it is. It is like what you were saying - today we went to the park - again!)

Debbie said...

Trident Original-Yum. How about zingers, as a name? Just kidding :)

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