Monday, August 31, 2009

1000 Tidbits Continued

158. I hate apple gives me a headache every time I drink it.
159. I love watermelon...its my most favorite fruit. I can cut one in half and hollow out one side. Surprisingly it doesn't make me sick..
160. My favorite lip stick is Clinique Tender Heart.
161. Yes its true.... We are moving.
...10 reasons I am sad to leave West Valley...
162.There is a Maverick by my house that has this Icee Machine that is like amazing. The Icee is always the perfect consistency. I haven't ever found this type of machine anywhere else.
163. I will miss our ward. We have gotten to know a lot of great people that have taught us many valuable lessons.
164. Our north side neighbors have been so good to us. We couldn't have found better neighbors anywhere. They have been so kind to help us with our yard, and been so sweet to our children...and Misty always has lots of treats around:)
165. The redbox down the street is always full.. Even the night Twilight was released and there were 700,000,000 people in line at walmart trying to get a copy...Christian went to the nearest redbox and rented one of like 10 copies.
166.The cafe rio never has a line... I guess its not popular among Hispanics
167.Remember the dude that's house is directly in front of mine? They put on killer karaoke parties in the winter months. (of course I've never been to one, I just listen in at 2am)
168.We live close to the freeway.
169. Our local Costco is always slow.. I imagine I will make the drive over just to avoid the craziness of all the other Costcos.
170. I don't love the layout of our house, and its been a burden....but I will miss having my own house and all the space.
171. I will miss the all the icecream trucks that make the rounds in our neighborhood every 7 minutes. I've never purchased anything...maybe I will just once before we leave for good.
...10 reasons I'm excited to leave West Valley...
172. I get tired of driving to the south end of the valley, everything resides over there. My in laws, my parents, target, my best friend, my life basically.
173. My gas bill gonna be goin way down.
174. Here is WVC the children seem to think its ok to play in the road, ride their bikes in the road, play ball in the road, pick their toenails in the road, walk down the center of the road...they really don't care if a car needs to get by or not. They dart out in the road, I've nearly killed 7 in the Avalon.. If you give a little tap on the horn to try and get them to move they will turn around and tell you to you know what. I won't miss the rude kids...thats for dizang sho.
175. The construction is super bad over here right now...SOOOOO sick of it!
176. I am most likely going to get struck by lighting for this one... But I look forward to having my husband sit with us during sacrament. I like his company and lets face it trying to get two kids to be reverent in sacrament meeting alone ain't no piece of cake.
177. I'm going back to my roots, where its familiar, and I feel safe and sound.
178.There is a lot of crime that goes on in this city.. Every single night the news has some story about something that went down in West Valley.. My neighborhood has been a nice quiet little place to live...But the surrounding area has always scared me a little.
179. Where we go my children will have a safe place to play outside..
180. It'll be the beginning of a fresh start.


Silly Monkeys said...

I am sad to hear your family is moving. I wish you and your family the best. I have several pros and cons of West Valley too. But...we have learned there is crime everywhere. Sometimes, West Valley gets more TV Air time then the rest of the SLC Valley. I remember the bank that I worked at on the East side was Robbed, but was not in the news. Only the bank that was in West Valley was on the news. I like the Mavricks Icee's too...just the right consistency. I agree the kids in our neighborhood are rude. I am hoping our kids don't turn out this way. I hate all the constructions here, but it is everywhere. Hopefully soon we will follow suit and be moving. I might keep saying that and it will be 20 plus years before we move. I do miss the East.

Silly Monkeys said...

Also check out

Laura Alvord said...

Where are you guys moving to? Maybe you'll come to playdates more often...hopefully.

emily said...

You know that since you wrote that about Christian sitting with you he will soon be called not only to the bishopric, but as the bishop! ;) Where is your next home going to be?

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