Wednesday, August 12, 2009


123. I prefer when chips are curled or rolled up.
124. I like chips on sandwiches, and sloppy joes.
125. My favorite chap stick is Banana Boat Aloe something or smells delish. Yesse introduced me.
126. I get a lot of great ideas from her.
127. I hate summer.
128. I hate being hot.
129. I hate winter.
130. I hate snow.
131. I hate being cold.
132. I really really like the rain. I know I've already made that clear...But I really do!
133. I hate pulling up to red lights I never pull right up to the car next to me. I especially hate it in West Valley...its usually a scary gangster in the car next to me...and I have to wonder if they'll pull out a gun and randomly shoot at me.
134. I am naming my baby Finnley Christian Lashbrook Berg.
135. I really am. Simply cause I can. I fill the birth certificate out...and its my choice.
136. I don't care what the church rolls say if you know what I mean ;)
137. I don't care if people don't like the name Finnley. I think its funny when someone says, "Well thats gonna take some getting used to" Whatever.
138. Music is a outlet for me. I like to listen to it super loud sometimes..(alone of course).. I like it all..Nelly, Reba, Shakira...
139. I can put on a really good Reba concert.
140. If I could have 3 wishes they would be: 1- A 50th wedding anniversary(with C of course), with all my children present. 2-I would like unwavering faith in the gospel for my family and I. (maybe this takes away agency?) still I would, who wouldn't?? 3- I'll have to think upon this one...Give me time.
141. My faith every now and then briefly wavers. Its sad...but natural at certain times in life I think. I could be wrong. Not sure.
142. I have to unbutton my pants when I sit down. I'm getting to that point where I am the size of a cruise ship..Usually I am the size of a boat, these days its a cruise ship. Got it?
143. I think for that third wish I maybe would just like a rockin, hot, sizzlin, sexy body. I've never had that before.. I'm not saying thats what I wish..but maybe. I still need more time.
144. I really like chinese food. Let me tell you the 2 worst places to get chinese food and why.
#1 There is this place here in WVC on 3200 west and like right off the 201 called "chinese food the great sandwich" (seriously) worst ever! The sweet and sour chicken is like big deep fried balls of dough with get this....NO CHICKEN IN THEM. Then they cover them in "sweet and sour sauce" that is really a concoction of water, gelatin, and red 40 dye. NEVER GO THERE!
#2 Panda Express. For obvious reasons. They use dark nasty, grisly meat. They almost always burn something. I still go there every now and then! Why oh Why???????????????????
145. I Hiz-Ate talking on the phone.
146. I like to text.
147. I check my voicemail maybe once a week, don't leave a message.. I won't get it.
148. I think life it generally tooooo busy. I hate it! There are always a kajillion and 5 things going on and it bugs me. What happened to the good ol' days when people toiled around in the cornfield all day and that was good enough.
149. I'd like to move to St. Charles.
150. I really love and like my kids.
151. It doesn't bother me that they aren't perfect. They aren't perfect kids, and I'm not a perfect mom. Teaching moments come everyday for all of us.
152. I hate when wives treat their husbands like another kid in the family. I try never to do this. I'm sure I do sometimes...Sorry baby! Men shouldn't have to ask for permission to do things they like. It nice to discuss these things....But he doesn't need to ask for permission.. Kapish.
153. I think my worst habit as a wife is I'm not as affectionate as I could and should be. He might tell you differently, but I doubt it. I really do.
154. I hate unloading the dishwasher. Especially the silverware.
155. The weeds in my backyard are currently taller than I am. Sorry neighbors.
156. I would love to have a garden, and a beautiful yard someday when life isn't so crazy. The yard at the house that I'm currently living in is really a embarrassment. I don't care. I just wanna get the h-e outta here. Know what I mean?
157. I've had enough.


Melissa said...

I haven't checked your blog in forever! I am enjoying your list, by the way. And I love the baby's name. I also hate how everyone has an opinion about what you name your child. When my parents would make comments about our future children's names, I would tell them, "You already had a chance to name your kids."

Good luck with the pregnancy!

Jess said...

What is this? Freakin hilarious!!! Especially the part about gangsters in WV, super funny Yamee

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