Wednesday, September 16, 2009


181. I am officially moved.
182. I don't miss my old house
183. I don't miss my old neighborhood...Did you hear about that shooting on Brookway Saturday night?? Don't worry that's just like a heavy stones throw from my "old" house. Sheesh. Murders 50 yards down the road don't make me feel warm and snug like a bug in my bed if you know what I mean.
184.This transition hasn't yielded one tear in case you were wondering. Other aspects yield tears. NOT this one.
185. Yes.. I am living in my parents ginormous basement. Its still a little,...okay a lot un-organized. I am working on getting settled.. Not like too settled cause another move will obviously be happening in the near future. Not like super near but not like 10 years away either. GOT IT?
186. I really don't like chicken flavored Ramen Noodles
187. Or pork flavored.
188. I really only like beef flavored Ramen actually.
189. Tonight for dinner I had 4 fruit roll ups, a pre-natal vitamin, a Omega-3 vitamin and a glass of water.
190. Tonight around 10 pm I was looking at the new Costco coupon booklet and I saw a coupon for "fruit by the foot" and all I wanted was some fruit roll-ups.. My charming husband ran right out and got me some. Don't be jealous. Good men are hard to find.
191. I am really picky about diapers.
192. I bought some "huggies" diapers last month at Costco cause there was a coupon on them..and they are the worst ever!!! They make my kid smell like pee.. and they are deceiving when it comes to gaging how wet they really are..Like one pee makes the diaper look all crinkly and gross. AND they have pictures of Mickey and Minnie MOuse! So glad I bought a box of like 3567! He'll be wearing them til the second coming.
193. I hate disney characters.
194. I used fuzzy bunz cloth diapers on Riley til I went back to work. They are so cute!.. But a lot of work. People generally didn't appreciate me dropping my baby off to be babysat with a cloth diaper on.. So I switched back to disposable.
195. My favoriteist diaper is actually the Kirkland brand from Costco. They are soft, wick away moisture well, don't have stupid characters on them, and they have big thick tabs..
196. I have been sick the last two days.. So I gotta go. I'm feeling a little queasy.


Evie B. said...

I'm loving the list - you are one ambitious mama.

So Payton and Tatum are in the same preschool class! I saw Christian there tonight at orientation with the boys. Very fun!

emily said...

Glad you guys are settling in to your new home!! Lets get together soon.

Silly Monkeys said...

I am glad you are getting settled in to your new place. We are sad to see you leave our neighborhood. We will miss you guys. If we had family to stay with we would have left a long, long, long time ago.

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