Thursday, November 26, 2009

And the "List" goes on....and on...

197.SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSoooooooooooooooooooooooo hate when people refer to my husband as Chris...please try and refrain. PLEASE

198.The best part of a burrito is the ends...

199. The best part of a egg you guessed it..the ends.

200. I love how Riley eats a corn dog.. He eats the corn dog, saves his ketchup for he can eat it with the stick..then always asks for a little more ketchup.. Hey, save the best part for last right?
201. Why I hate nickelodeon.. I hear this 7 zillion times a day.. "Mom can you get me that for my birthday???" So annoying.
202. I love when Payt sits right next to me on the couch while I feed Finnley.
203. Riley is terrified of the map...yes I said the map on Dora the Explorer.. So funny!! He runs out of the room every time the map might even possibly make a appearance.
204. Did I say I was going to get this list done by Christmas? I meant Christmas of like 2011. My bad.
205. I've been married 6 whoppin years!
206. For my anniversary I went to a early dinner with Christian, then to Walmart to get a little Christmas shopping done.. and then... you guessed it.. I spent the rest of the evening with Edward, Jacob, my bestie and a bunch a other fun ladies. What husband allows that? Mine does. I've told you good men are hard to find.
207. Christian and I were called this last Sunday to be Sunday school teachers to the 14/15 year olds in our new ward...which is actually my old ward. This actually means that Christian was called to teach and I will bring treats, get chalk, make copies, provide feedback, be a study partner, and bounce the baby on my knee.:)
208. Speaking of baby... I am so in love with my little Finnley.
209. I can't get enough of him.
210. Really.. I hog him.
211. I love to smell him.
212. I love to run my face over his soft bald little head.
213. He is probably getting balder because of it.:)
214. I love to hold him.
215. I love to cuddle him.
216. I love when his little hand wraps around my finger.
217. He's Perfect.
218. I love the sound he makes when he yawns..its so so cute.
219. I hate when someone I love doesn't match bottles and sippy cups:) Ya know the cup or bottle should have the lid or ring it came with.. It throws the whole system when this simple rule isn't followed. I love you honey...I'm just saying.
220.My sister is having twins soon. I'm excited.
221. I'm looking at a picture of baby Henry on my fridge.. He's pretty cute. Tough one to beat. I think were even though. ;)
222. I hate winter...I've probably already used this one... But I really do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
223. I hate ice.
224. I hate cold air.
225. I hate snow.
226. I hate the dirty winter sky.
227. I hate frost.
228. I wish I could be a snow-birder

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