Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Baby Finnley "Stats"
Born on the 5th
Via planned turned emergency C-section..
Apparently when you show up for a section you should have a little water in your tank. I was a lot dehydrated and that caused a few problems.. I guess the glass of water and 2 cokes the night before didn't cut it! What?
Everything turned out well thankfully and our little Finn arrived at
7:15 a.m.
weighing in at
7lb 4 oz
(my smallest baby yet)
20 1/2 inches
He is....
per much hairless.
I have heard him cry a total of maybe....
maybe 60 seconds..
He is so cute and so sweet.
I'm in love for the 3rd time over.

5 days old

So Sweet!
Daddy and Finnley after his first bath

"7lb 4oz"

This is video of Finnley's Birth...
If blood and guts bother you..
I wouldn't watch :)


Jeff and Michelle Galovan said...

He is SOOO cute! And OMG I watched the c-section and im sorry for your stomach! Ouch! But i guess im just as sorry for the other place babies come from! Im glad everything went well! We would love to come see the little guy(s) sometime!

Melissa said...

Congrats! He is sooo adorable!

Annie said...

What a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations!

emily said...

Great pics Jamee! He is adorable. Congrats. I want to come visit when my kids are better!! :)

Laura Alvord said...

He is so cute. His cheeks are so pinchable. He doesn't look like a newborn at all. Congrats!!

Debbie said...

He is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E !! Congratulations on "your three sons". Miss you guys :)

TheWallinFamily said...

I peek in on your blog every so often. Just had to tell you he is a really cute baby! Hope you guys have a good Christmas.

Tyson Wallin

Christen Aubrey said...

I think Finnley looks a little like Henry...is that weird? He is so so so so adorable Jame! Love you all lots!

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