Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blog Worthy

Here's something blog worthy.....
I hate the
Why does it need to snow in the valley anyway?
Why can't it just snow in the mountains?
There is nothing fun about it.
I can't think of one thing.
Its just wet, and sadamncold.
I can't stand it.
What? You don't agree?
Nobody asked you anyway.

The Editor


Cowan Family said...

Jamee I so AGREE with you. I think it should just snow in between christmas and new years then be summer again. Want to move to Arizona with us?

Melissa said...

Seriously. Hate. It. I vowed we would live in Arizona. And where did we move? Somewhere colder. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

So move down here already! No snow is very, very nice. And we need some Bergs down here.

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