Monday, December 28, 2009

A little post..thats kinda old..just for Jenna;)

The newlyweds 2 days before they're
wedding. Aren't they so cute!

Baby Finnley and Baby Henry..Matchy matchy:)
Baby Finnley on his blessing day
We look at this picture when we need a good laugh!!:) Poor baby.
My sweet boys
Getting so big!
and Chubby!
Family pic on blessing day. I told you it was ugly.
Edit it on Shutterfly.
Take some poundage off the parents,
remove Riley's hand from his eye.
Put some smiles on the children's faces, especially
Payt's..He looks like he's ready to kill someone...
and maybe you could tuck the little guys ears in a bit:)
Should look pretty good after all that!

And last..but not least.. The they're silly hospital hats.

They are so sweet, and tiny.

Love you Jenna...Have a super day!
Can't wait for you to come again!


Anonymous said...

Goodness, Finnley is adorable. I wish we could have come for the blessing or Christmas. Love you guys.

emily said...

LOL. I am loving the cross eyed pic of Finnley. So funny. I think you look so pretty in your family picture. What are you talking about? We missed you at the Christmas party the other night. Lets get together soon. :)

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