Thursday, December 10, 2009


229. I have chewed my nails since I was like 4.
230. I quit when I was like 20 and was able to grow them out.. They were really pretty even though I had chewed them for so many years.
231. I refrained from chewing them until I arrived in Costa Rica to serve my mission.. I chewed them down as far as possible while at orientation at the mission office. I was having a anxiety attack I think.. Wondering what on earth I had gotten myself into!
232. I quit again.
233. They stayed long until about 24 hours after I delivered my first son. I once again chewed them all off.
234. They haven't been long since.
235. It relieves stress.
236. I know its gross.
237. But in my defense I think that I have a really strong immune system because of it;)
238. I love going to Target. I walk in...and it heals my soul and calms my nerves. I go frequently even if its just to get diaper or marshmallows.(Which it usually is)
239. I also frequent Costco.. The Sandy one is a joke though.. So worth the drive to head over to the one in the hood.
240. Payton said something so funny yesterday. My mother in law made us Christmas stockings with our first name initials on them. Payt asked whose stocking was the one with a J. I asked him what he thought and he didn't know, I asked him what my name was.. He said "mommy" I said that was right but what is my real name, the one daddy calls me, He then said "baby":) So funny. He really couldn't remember my name..
241.My husband really usually does only call me baby or boo. Precious I know.
242. My little sister is getting married at the end of the month.. She bought all the girls these red high heels that are like 6 inches tall. Can you imagine a fat me in these bright red tall badaboom high heels.. Gross I know. Kinda funny though.
243. Not to be rude, but chubby gals should steer clear of really really high heels...It just looks a little to tipsy.
244. Is anyone else sick of the Dora the Explorer Christmas special? Noche Buena..Noche Buena
245. I really love watching Fanboy and Chum Chum.. Its soooo stinkin funny.
246. I also really like The Fresh Beat Band. Twist is so cute.
247. I really like shows like Dateline and 48 hours.
248. Don't you think its funny when they sentence someone to life in prison + 20 years. Dumb. Pretty sure life in prison covers the bases.
249. I can exist on eggrolls alone.
250. I like to play with play dough.
251. Everyday at 230 pm we watch Ni hao Kai Lan.
252. Everyday at 3pm I make the children go to bed.
253. I usually stare at the wall during this precious time.
254. Sometimes I blogstalk.
255. I have dark mascara looking circles under my eyes. I've tried to wash them off, but they don't come off! This suggests to me sleep deprivation.:(
256. Its okay though cause I really like my new baby..
257. I really like to vacuum. There is something so satisfying when the vacuum is sucking up all those crunchies..
258. I never put the vacuum away cause I only have carpet where the kids eat right now so I have to vacuum like 3 times a day. FUN.

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