Wednesday, January 6, 2010

259. I am a working mother. I quit to have Finn and even bought the book "In praise of stay at home moms" by Dr. Laura. I tried to convince myself not to go back.. I couldn't for several reasons. A few nights a week won't hurt! Or will it? My job is addicting and I seriously don't know why. I thinks I like the control it gives me.
260. Here is my method for choosing dish soap. I always buy something different. I get very bored using the same one. Whatever Jesse is using...I copy her. If she brings blue original Dawn to work I buy that..if she buys apple Dawn the next time, then I'll get that. Now she's got the Dawn with bleach there. I shall buy that next time I'm at the store. Another good one is the Ivory dish soap. LOve it.
261. I no longer have a dish washer. You can see why dish soap is a very important detail in my life.
262. Did you know my baby is bottle fed? I wash a hellalotta dishes everyday. Just sayin.
263.This week I wished to express how I was feeling to someone. They were rude to me in return. I was really bugged.. Just cause someone doesn't agree with you, its okay to express how you feel. Humans are entitled to their feelings.. Even if they're not validated. Carry on.
264. I love the commercials...they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
265. I have 16 nieces and nephews.
266. I hate when my feet are cold.
267. I got some Emu boots for Christmas and they keep them nice and toasty. Love em.
268. I got the Lady Gaga CD.. and I really like it. p-p-p-poker face.... Weird I know.
269. The best baby blankets are the Aden and Anais swaddling ones.
270. I took Riley's binky away on Monday,. He's going to be 3 for goodness sakes. All I can say is...growing up is hard to do.
271. I hope to have him potty trained by the time he is 5;)
272. I wish I had lots of money so we could have lots of babies..They are so sweet.
273. I love the smell of coffee.
274. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke. SooooooGROSS!
275. I have a really hard not having judgmental thoughts towards smokers.. So rude, I know.
~~Jesus said love everyone..treat them kindly too, when your heart is filled with love others will love you~~ Isn't that how it goes?
276. Teaching Sunday School (even tho I don't teach) is so nerve racking. Can't I get hooked up with a enrichment lady calling or something? Don't ya wished it worked that way sometimes..
277. I love to feed my baby...I'm headed to do that now. Nighty night.

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emily said...

Love your fun facts. You crack me up.

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