Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Confessional

I just want to join in Ms. Glamazon's party..This totally counts for my 1000 tidbits.

292. I have to be to work in 2 hours. I have sooooo much to do to get ready. But I must participate in this! Its for reasons like this my house is always a mess.
293. Yesterday I listened to "Shake That" by Eminem 3 times. It was the edited version, but lets be honest.. Is there really a edited version???
294. I locked myself in the bathroom and actually danced in the mirror to it.
295. It relieved a lot of stress and was quite funny.
296. Sometimes I say sorry to people...and I really don't mean it!
297. I am addicted to foxnews and, I have been trying not to frequent them and its really hard.
298. Once at work on a really busy night a fried green tomato fell off a appetizer plate and I picked it back up and put in on the plate. 10 second rule right? NEGATIVE! That was disgusting.
299. My children watch like 15 hours of tv everyday.
300. I wash plastic bottle liners cause I am to cheap to keep buying them.
301. I haven't put laundry away for at least a week, its all teetering on the changing table. Sweetie if your missing something look there.
302. Right before Christmas I was at the mall and this big monster truck parked so close to me I couldn't open my door AT ALL. I had my baby, and Riley and it was snowing and I was sooooo mad. So I threw a empty coke cup on the hood of the truck.
303. I was still mad so I then threw a banana peel up there.
304. I was still seething so I opened a brownie mix and threw it up on the hood of the truck.
305. It didn't explode all over the truck as I would have liked...
306. So then I got out of my car and manually spread it all over the wet hood. I felt so much better afterwards!
307. The warm fuzzy feeling over my caper lasted only 10 minutes. Then I waited for the police to call for the next 24 hours. They never did. Phew!
308. Since I had Finn I sometimes forget to change Riley. Christian will come home and his diaper will have exploded in his jeans and he's soaking wet. Sad I know.
309. Today I lost Riley for like 6 minutes at Babies R Us. The store went on like shut down while a whole slew of employees searched for him. I thought for sure he'd been kidnapped and I was ready to have a melt down when they located the little stinker.


Melissa said...

Oh my gosh. That was fantastic. I always wondered who did that to my truck :) Nah, I hate it when people park too close-can't you see the car seats through the window?

And I seriously never change Bella unless her stench is clearing a room, or the diaper is dragging on the floor. Isn't that supposed to be the perk of having toddlers? Only changing them once a day?

Robin said...

I am laughing too hard..about the funny..and the dancing to eminem..all of it fantastic..Im still reading and laughing so hard....15 hours of TTV..oh sh--...and I love Fox news too...and Billy O reilly..I love to hate him or something like that..!Im a new follower..Hello..!

Chief said...

losing a kid in a store is the sickest feeling in the world!

Evie B. said...

My favorite installment to date. I'm laughing so hard.

Tyler said...

Jamee, I am laughing so hard. So funny what you did to that truck! I wish I could have been there to see it. But that is the best part, you did it all by yourself. LOL!
So scary about feeling like you lost Riley. Ugh. You should have recorded your dancing moves. So funny.

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