Monday, January 11, 2010

Things You May Not Know

278. The day I left the hospital with Finnley I was filling out the yellow sheet for his birth certificate....and I fillederout just like this..

Finnley Christian Lashbrook Berg...

279. Just cause I wanted to.

280. I really like it.
281. Lashbrook is Christian's great great great grandpa ( or something like that)
282. He is buried near my own grandma and grandpa and great grandparents in the St. Charles cemetery.
283. You know how I just love that place.
284. After all that is where my husband proposed to me! That alone makes it a very special spot.
285. As we were packing up to leave the hospital with our new little one, I asked Christian to give our son a Father's blessing. He rested his hands on Finnley's little head..we closed our eyes. It occurred to me in that moment I should let Christian know the full name I had given our son.
286. He was a little surprised, and actually maybe just a little peeved.
287. People kept telling me Christian could change Finn's name on his blessing day.....NEGATIVE
288. I filled out that paper work too.
289. Its a done deal.
moving on........................
290. Have you ever tried to eat a saltine cracker in the middle of the night? Its dang near impossible! Who knew that your mouth is as dry as death valley in the middle of the night.
291. Don't try this unless you have like some yummy OJ on hand or a diet wild cherry paypsee.


Christian Levi said...

be nice if ONE of my sons could be named after ME and ONLY me....

Melissa said...

you.are.hilarious. At my ol' grounds job, back in the day, we would try to eat 7 saltines in 1 minute with no water-it was impossible. Now go and try it.

PS-I gave our firstborn my name for her middle name, just to make sure that didn't happen. Plus, don't all of our kids have Ivan's name? I mean, they all have his last name. sheesh.

Stacy said...

That was funny. I always make my husband name the kids, I can't take the pressure. Came over from Melissa and Friday Confessionals.

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