Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Last night when I went out to get milk it was



You all know how I love the rain so much!

So stinkin much!!!!!


AMong other things.. I did Payton's hair

and it wasn't spikey enough so he wanted to "re-do" it.

I of course knew that this meant he wanted to use a quarter cupa goop in it.

and I would then have to wash it four times to get it all out.

So I said NO..JUst like a good mother would.

He then pleaded and said "MOM, I just need to re-arrange it.. thats all"

I then obliged. Cause that was so funny. Consider it documented.

In other news, I am potty training Riley.

So far it has consisted of him running around naked and peeing in a little potty.

He refuses to pull down his underwear when he has them on, opting instead to just

sit on down pee right thru them! WHAT DO I DO? Tips PLEASE!

Then last night he pulled the picnic table up to the kitchen sink to play in the


He was naked.

C was like whats that smell..WHO pooped and I'm like no one pooped!

and then I looked over and sho nuff Ry had taken a shadoobie right on the picnic

table and didn't even care.

Can anyone train this child? I will pay you. Thatsall.

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