Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dear Jamee.........your blog has been HAcKed !!!!!!

Hallmark is so overrated.

Besides, who wouldn't rather hear from those that love you most on Valentines day!?
so.....for several days the boys and I have been compiling:

"what we love about mommy"

There were many many responses, the cute thing is that I found the boys repeating the same answers over and over....with very little variation. I really believe that this is a true glimpse at mommy through the eyes of a three and a four year old.

They love their mommy so much.
And so does their dad.

Happy Valentines Day Baby!

(I sure did)

Payton, what do you love about your Mom? What should we tell her on her Valentines blog?

"First I want to say I love you and Happy ValenStine day".

What do you love about your mommy?

"She always takes me to the Gateway to play in the Childrens Museum which I love. The Helicopter is my favorite. I like to pretend I'm a soldier on the helicopter. But it's not real."

Okay! What else do you like about mommy?

"She always makes us dinner and I'm almost five..."

Yep, she knows you're almost five.

Is there anything else you love about Mom?

"Well Grandma and Grandpa bought me a new computer - a Batman computer - and they are mommy's parents, so I love that."

"and I ALSO love that you let me pick a car out when we go to target sometimes..."

Anything else Payt?

"I wanted to tell you that you're very pretty when you wear earrings. That's why I picked some out for you."

Sweet boy. He loves his mommy.

Riley's turn!

(It was MUCH harder to get coherent responses from him, but after a few days, we managed a few cute ones!)

Ry Ry - what do you want to tell mommy for Valentines day?

Response #1 - "Bum Bum"

Riley. Be serious. This is a special Valentines card for mommy. What do you love about mom?

(Payton helps out) "Ry, don't you think mommy is beautiful?"

Ry -"I cute for mommy too!"

What do you like to do with mommy Ry?

"I wanna go in a temple with mommy"

(Payton chimes in again...) "And get married to her?"


Hey now. What else to do you like about mom?

"Swim out on the movies"

Does mommy play trains with you?


Yes she does Ry.

One last thing....What do you love about mommy Ry?

(again Payton can't help himself...)

"Riley is mommy a Princess?"

Ry-"Yeah....and cool"

Mommy's cool?


Happy Valentines Day to the best mom in the world!

"No dad...the best Mom in the Universe AND the Milky Way."

Thanks Payt.
Are you sure it's not the Yogurty way?



Anonymous said...

That is adorable! Good job Christian.

fREnCh TrOSt said...

SO cute! You are so loved!

emily said...

So cute! I am loving "Riley"'s answers with his prodding from big brother. So funny!

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