Wednesday, February 17, 2010


How I long to be a consistent blogger!
309. I'm not really consistent in much of anything :(
Any way. I'll be working on some updating..

My littler man AKA Riley turned 3

He is so cute.
I really like Riley.
He is so funny and goofy. and SWEET!
He kinda reminds me of myself as a child in someways. (goofy)
Its always fun to see yourself in your child.
Here's some facts about my second born.

(of course this goes under my tidbits)
310. Riley is possibly our most spoiled child.
311. He is our silliest child.
312. He per much plays me like a fiddle.
313. For example..He will ask for apple juice, I give the child apple juice. He will then say "I wanted chocolate milk". I will oblige and get him chocolate milk ( cause he is spoiled, remember?) then he will say that he wants the apple juice...or maybe he doesn't want a drink at all. He does this like fiddy times a day. He just likes to see me run..So really a lot of the time now I just tell him to take a hike.
314. He still isn't potty trained.
315. Mostly cause he refuses to pull his underwear down. I mean really, if pee can get thru the underwear and into the potty whats the point? This is his attitude.
316. He LOVES and that is probably a understatement cars and trains.
317. I love when he makes gun noises, while pointing a plastic pistol straight between my eyes.
318. ...or when he points it at his baby brother and says" I wanna shoot the baby, and make him cry" Lovely.
319. Like if I didn't know the truth, Riley could be the son of the mailman. cause he doesn't really look like Christian or me, in my professional opinion.
320. He loves hot dogs.
321. He loves to drink. Always needs a sipee full of something.
322. I love when he gets all googly eyed while grabbing my cheeks and giving me a kiss.
323. I love when he says he needs some "huggy huggies" so sweet.
324. I love his blue eyes.
325. I love his sweet voice.
326. He loves to get his groove on and must have a song playing in the car at all times and loud too. (this he gets from me:)
327. He is still asking for a binky.. I think he just wants to see what I'll say..
328. Ry has a sweet little lisp that his daddy just loves to imitate.
329. He loves Sponge Bob..
330. He tells silly knock knock jokes! He has a great imagination at coming up with something he thinks is so funny.
331. This list is getting long! I could go on and on.
332. I love when he says "Pirates Booty"
333. He can be one grumpy child too. One should never enter his room in the morning or after a nap. He will come out when he is good and ready. If you do go in he'll likely be mad at you for the next 3 hours.
334. Mostly you should know that I love this little boy;)
335. and one more thing. I wash his face like 13,765 times a day.. but its still always dirty.

Our little RyRy is growing up. Believe me when I say we have given our best efforts to keep him our baby..:) There is just a tenderness about him that is hard to resist.

He is sound asleep in this picture..

We went to St. Charles again this year for his birthday. He got to play with cousins and snowmobile. We had "cafe rio" for dinner. and I made him a this birthday cake. it took 9 hours. i was to tired to cut the dang thing and serve it after all that work that we didn't even eat it on his birthday!
But when we did.. it was yumm-y!


Todd and Karen Heaton said...

So cute Jamee! :) We need to get together with you guys! Give us a call sometime - we never make any plans, just fly by the seat of our pants! Our blog is

Luv ya's!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Riley! Precious pictures. I heard how delicious your cake was. I'm impressed at your fondant. I'd love tips so I will have courage to try it myself.

Amy Rindy said...

Sweet post! LOVE that cake - it is amazing!

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