Thursday, March 18, 2010


I know he's thinking..."If I could just get the dang thing on my tongue"

My little leprechaun...

Ope here's my happy child. Not:) with his "baby gun" (instead of beebee) so funny.
No underwear under ther either:)

Here's the sweet and wild child of the bunch. Such a good boy!
most the time;)

This St. Paddies Day was just average.

Nothing outta this world.
Of course we all dressed in green.
(several times)
This week we are potty training.
( come hell or high water or tsunami or earthquake we are doing this!)
Ry peed on his green shirt.
( don't ask me how, boys just have the talent (and appendage) to do that;)
Finn was dressed in his best green outfit..
and right as he finished a morning feeding ...
(and was freshly bathed I might add)

He got a little tickle in his throat and puked old faithful.
Baby puke all over him, and all over me!
Straight down my nightgown, through my cleavage and into my belly button!
Then this afternoon he exploded if you know what I mean...up to his neck.
(these pampers just aren't working out)
All was well though cause my children have a bazillion different green options when it comes to their wardrobes.( cause I sooooo love green) Any way,.
No corned beef and hash here today.
Not even the traditional green spaghetti dinner.
Next year I'll do better:)

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Melissa said...

You did waaay better than me. I painted the girls' nails green on Sunday just so they for sure wouldn't get pinched and blame it on me. Oh, I put a green bow in Bella's hair. But I didn't even wear green-I don't know that i HAVE anything green. What a party pooper!!

Good luck with the potty training!

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