Monday, March 1, 2010


I am so Happy March is here.
I just love it.
Because it means that winter is almost over.
You all know how I feel about winter.
I hizate it in case you forgot.
I also love March the most....
cause its going to be St. Patricks Day!
I you all know how I just love the color
Love it.
Its been a long stuffy winter .
So I'm soooo ready to see some green outside.
I'm so excited to celebrate my favorite color and make a green dinner:)
Although I can no longer host my "annual" St. Patricks Day Party
cause I am kinda houseless..
Thats ok.
As a family we are emerging into a new future.
I have a beautiful new baby and sweet little boys.
and a great husband.
Spring is on its way...
Things are ok.
And they certainly are going to work out.
So no worries.
Well not "no" worries..
But fewer:)

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