Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Confessional

I can't think of to much to confess.
I've been really righteous lately I guess.
Just Kidding! Don't get your panties allupinawad!
It was a joke..My husband can vouch for that;)
I have a few "confessions of a waitress"
Today I want you to know that every now and then...
Coffee is coffee. Regular...Decaf.
Same right?
I mean whatever is in the pot right?
I can't help it if your still feeling sluggish
cause you haven't had your evening cupajoe.
I also can't help if you can't fall asleep and its 3 am cause
you insisted on drinking no less than 64 oz of what you thought was decaf.
Accidents happen.
I really don't care for zealous coffee drinkers.
Can't you just sip your boiling, bitter beverage?
Are 7 refills, a pint of cream and a full cup of sugar really necessary in one sitting?
Zealous coffee drinkers out there. You are so annoying.

So I pulled into work the other day... And the hottest Nav I've ever seen was parked there.
I was like "Who drives this piece of love?"
Turns out its "SEBASS"
I should of known.
He's this fiery little Mexican that's like 4 foot 10...
and kinda like a puppy that is always there nipping at your heels.
Anyway. He offered to give me the navigator if I would marry him and make him legal.
But I'm already married!
To a man I really like I might add.
I mean we're official.
I talked to Christian nonetheless about the offer.
(cause I really bad want a Navigator)
He was fine with it. He wants it too..
Just kidding again...gosh.
He says the gas mileage on a nav would be outrageous.


JRiggles said...

The Nav is nice. If it was me and the guy had a Sequoia I might've agreed;)
Love the coffee comments too!!

Evie B. said...

That would be a tempting offer... :)

Where do you work?

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