Friday, March 26, 2010

The Peanut Butter Trick

Today on Kelly's Korner is show me your life...."Cleaning Tips".
Ohmygosh... I should use like every one of them!
I'm going to throw in the hat the peanut butter trick. 

Do it to remove sticky price tag/sticker residue from about anything..(well hard surfaces)

I used it this week to clean off price tags from some water bottles I had bought, and also a toddler bed that had stickers sticky goop stuck to it. Worked like a charm.
You just need paper towel, peanut butter, and some soap.
Just put a hunka peanut butter on some paper towel and rub the sticky spot for a minute or so and the goop will come right off...Then use the dish soap to clean up the greasiness;).


Katy said...

One more reason to love peanut butter! It's good stuff. :-)

It also gets gum out of hair. You totally need a shampoo after, but you just put pb on your fingertips and rub it around on the hair/gum wad. Totally takes the stickiness out of the gum and it comes right out.

I guess you may not have need for this trick with three boys, but it may come in handy if you ever have a long-haired girl!

JameeMaLee said...

Here's to hoping Katy:0) for that long haired girl. haha

Summer said...

What a great tip! Thanks for this! I am constantly battling price tag removal LOL....

Have a great weekend
SUmmer :0)

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