Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The problem with animals......

So the other day my offspring insisted we go to Petco!
Anyone who knows me...knows this,...
I really don't care for animals.
and I super really don't care for pets.
They stink.
They poop and pee whenever and whenever they feel like it.
They shed.
They eat stinky things.
They are so disgusting!

I almost... just almost had mercy on my children at Petco and bought them a tree frog the other day. But they wanted $19.99 for the stinky little thing!
When I was growing up I had no less than 5 tree frogs.
They were probably all named

I'd have to scour around for crickets and bugs just to keep the thing alive.
This one time I went to Brian Head resort with my Grandparents and I took the dang frog with me! I was like 10 years old..and the trip was so stressful because I couldn't find a bug ANYWHERE! His poor little belly was all sunken in and he was so hungry. I think he died as soon as we got home. So tragic! Seriously.
Pets always die.
I hate that.
I also grew up with like 15 different dogs and 8 turtles, 2 parakeets,ducks,rabbits,Russian hamsters, a mouse name peanut,a snail, a goldfish that my brother cut in half with a butter knife and then put it back in the bowl..... and who knows what else.
I found more dead animals than I care to remember. It was my lot..if a animal was to die it was me to find it... hanging by its leash in a window well, trapped in a window well under the deck, drowned in a swim pool, lifeless in the bottom of its cage.. You name it!
Since its nearly impossible to house break a dog it was inevitable that the dogs that didn't die would eventually go right back to where they came from.
"The Humane Society of Utah"
It was heartbreaking as a child .
This post has been therapeutic for me!
I really don't want to do the "pet" thing with my kids.
I don't think it teaches them enough to make it worth it.
I've never found joy in a pet...just sadness.
I shan't go "there" with my children anytime soon.
But when I do...cause I know someday this house full of boys are gonna be like
"Look LADY......we want a big stinky gross smelly shedding dog"
and I'll eventually give in cause I love them.
For now we will remain pet less..
Unless I can find a tree frog for under 10 bucks...
Then maybe.

PS thanks for reading...
I really wanted to get that off my chest.
I feel so liberated.

Mom..this has nothing to do with you.really.. love ya..

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