Thursday, March 4, 2010


336. I never ever keep New Years resolutions.
337. Usually I make the same goals every year. Lose weight, scripture study, temple attendance, keep a perfectly clean house...blah blah.. You know the usual.
338. This year I only made one.
(Well 2.. I really just wanted this year to be better than last year. Shouldn't be to hard since last year was a doozy!)
339. I returned to work after my maternity leave on Dec 31.
340. At my work there is a dishwasher named Higno. (pronounced heen-yo)
341. He has hated me since the day I started working there. I think I once splashed him with water when flinging a fork into a bucket. There was no forgiveness for me. He's cussed and cursed at me every time I've worked for 2 1/2 years. I really didn't care to much.. Cause really he hates everyone. Really he does! The man is kinda a drag.
342. When I returned to work on New Year's Eve I made my one resolution.
343. To make Higno like me. (Impossible!)
344. I would just like to report that after all my shmoozing. He likes me. He is super friendly to me. We are friends for lack of better title. ;)
345. The only down-side to this is the man claims to not speak English. Therefore he always wants to chat in Spanish. Except for I can't understand 3/4 of what he says. I don't know what Mexican village he learned Spanish in.. But it doesn't sound anything like I've ever heard.
.......Oh well.
346. Resolution complete. If I can make Higno like me surely I can lose weight and read my scriptures:)

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Melissa said...

Hey, if you can make Higno like you, you could probably do anything. See, dreams really do come true.

Alas, I can never make people that don't like me like me. Once they hate me, I'm on a permanent poo poo list.

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