Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

After church....I always want a nap.. 
I can't help myself! Usually I get my way. Yesterday everyone joined in.
Till  I kicked em all out anyway :)

Saturday I went to see Nie Nie at the Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery. 
I dragged along anyone who would come.
She wasn't there yet..which was a bummer.
But we did eat a delish cupycake.They are sooo good.
No more driving to Provo to get one.
AND I found the cutest apron ever there. I've really been wanting one! 
I came home from church yesterday and put it on to make lunch.
 Which was microwaved corn dogs for the children and a terriyaki bowl for myself.
My husband laughed til the cows came home that 
I would need to wear a apron to make such a lunch.
Whatever. It floated my boat..ya know.


Brittany said...

That is too funny...not the apron part, but the microwavable corn dogs and teryaki bowl...that is what Jason and I eat all the time :) I know, I'm a bad wife...whatev

Christen Aubrey said...

I think finnley looks more and more like you every time i see a picture! SO CUTE! 3 weeks tomorrow!!! WOOT WOOT!

Anonymous said...

So now all we need is a picture of the cute apron!

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