Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Confessional

I love doing Friday confessional.... This is the mastermind behind it!
I don't know tho. 

Even tho I write stuff on here that people are like.."what the" "who writes that"

-Friday confessional still makes me a little nervous. 
-I'm Excited for my little man to start kindergarten. Lots of moms want their kids to stay home forever and ever... and I'm like "have a good day! love you!" Someone tried to make me feel bad about this at church a few weeks ago. FYI I don't. Maybe I should. Maybe someday I will. I probably will.
-I am just not a super exciting mother. I wish I were. Buti'mnot.
-I think my little man enjoys his time away. 
-Gosh....maybe I do feel bad about it.
-Sometimes I watch "Keeping up with the Kardashians" they are a funny bunch.
-My feet must be covered at all time! I cannot stand being barefoot. I have passed this quirk onto my middle child. Sorry sweetie!
-I know I've told ya'll I'm super vindictive. 
-Pretty much if you cross me, you can be guaranteed I will at the very least think of a caper to pull on you. 
-Really its rare occasion I carry them out.
-I've got one cookin right now that I will be carrying out. I shall never tell who is the receiver is! Ever. "they" deserve it don't feel to bad. Those are all the details I can give.
-Most the time its white trash people I've waited on at work. (of course I do this all mentally) (its not like I follow them home;) I could tell you were worried about my mental stability. DON'T BE.
-I hate white trash people. I know I should love em...But I really don't. notevenalittle..
-I just don't have a lotta love for people that drop money on dinner and then are to stupid to figure out 15-20%.  Poor tippers= ignorant sobs:) (unless I gave like the worst service ever and spilled coke all over you)and that hardly ever happens;) really hardly ever!
-Oh man....that confession gets me heated.
-I have a real love hate relasionship with my job.
-At times that includes the people I work with.
-I'll prolly die working there. hotdog.
-I apparently can't spell the word RELASHIONSHIP. 
-Maybe I'm the white trash one.crap.
-I can't find the spell checker on this new editor. HELP!
-Today my eldest said " Mom when you get in the car.. it rocks" I felt bad.
-But now that I'm typing it its like the funniest thing ever.
-Whoo I feel good. I'm going to bed.
-Seriously where is the spell checker??????????????????????????????????????
This is embarrassing.


Todd and Karen Heaton said...

Hi Jamee! I always read your posts - you crack me up! :) What are you doing up so late anyway? Tell the Bergman we say hello! Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! You are hilarious! Found you from Glamazon, so glad I did! Love your confessions. :)

BNM said...

LMAO this made me laugH! I'll be excited for my little one to go to school too.. crap I have to wait 2 more years! lol! I think its good for both parents and kids to get a break from one another.

Melissa said...

Holy cow, you make me laugh so hard! I'm so glad you played. Aaah, rocking the van, I'm sure I rock our car, too. I'm with you on the tipping thing-who can't figure it out? I even have a little tool on my phone that does it for me, because math never was my forte.

Loved it!

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