Saturday, April 24, 2010

A messy blogpost...But you get the point.

I finally have Internet !
WOOT Woot! 
That makes my new place perfect...
Just perfect.
We have just been unpacking the last few weeks. 
I'm still not done. 
I have so much stuff...
So annoying. 

Finnley is a lazy baby just like Riley was.
He rolled over for the first time this week from front to back. He's done it only four times....Oh well.
He is a PERFECT baby after all... so its not like I'm going to complain that he doesn't roll over:) 
He's started eating mush and biter biscuits...
Payton and Riley are doing fabulous.
Riley is 100% potty trained. HALLELUYAH! He has done so well and I am so proud of him:)
Payton will be finishing preschool soon and starting kindergarten this summer. 
I am so excited.
He's so excited. 
So it works out well...ya know that we're both happy bout it. I am happy that he will get to spend time everyday doing constructive things..and learning and making friends etc. Its fun to watch my little man transitioning into a school age child.
I made some cakes again. 
Its addicting.
a total pain in the rear.
It took 9 hours to make two 10 inchers..
I know right?
 This one was for Jax...I didn't make that hole in the fondant
Buzz did.
They didn't turn out perfect...which is a sad thing when you've taken 9 friggin hours to make them.
Oh well;)                           This one was for my mil...and got rain drops on it


Debbie said...

You've been so busy! Moving is never fun. Your cakes look fabulous. I have I cake I make (haven't made it in like 4 years) that takes 2 days. I feel ya sista.
P.S. There is a little present for you on my blog. Check it out "sunshine" :)

Laura Alvord said...

I didn't know that you make cakes. Glad that you only have one baby's diapers to change now...that is actually amazing. I have a bag upstairs with 5 diapers in it and it's only 8:45 in the morning. Let's hang out!

The Hessing's said...

hey i need you to email me your email so I can invite you to my blog! We really need to go to dinner or something I miss you guys!

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