Sunday, May 16, 2010

Coming Back is Hard to Do!

My husband is forcing me to tho.

I hardly know what to say.


I have been on a extended vacay.

Sorry for my absence. I'm sure a lot of people have missed miss sassipants here.

We've just been hanging out. My sisters came to visit. So I spent 2 weeks

"eating my way around Utah";)

It was fabulous.

Then 3 sisters left.... SAD!!!

 one sister move to Hawaii for the summer...

Apparently she found a dead lizard in her house tonight..

I don't feel bad for her tho..

Cause like I said she's living in Hawaii.

Anywho..Here's a few recent pictures of my cute kids..

and a few other sweet little babes as well.

I have a toothache....and a crappy dentist.  so I gotta go..

Happy baby? I did a blog post just for you. I broke the I think I'll be back soon ;)

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