Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Dirty "30" and Other Random Tidbits. . .

Christian turned 30!
I'm so glad I'm not "30"
That's like so old!
He celebrated with a apple pie for breakfast...Cause that's his favorite. Riley cried cause he thinks he should have a birthday every time someone else has a birthday...So then I give in and he blows the candles and we sing to him....Which reminds me that on Payts birthday a few weeks ago...The boys were blowing out candles on some breakfast cupcakes...and we had to do it twice so the actual birthday boy could be sung to and then Ry...Well on Ry's turn he leaned a little to close to the candle and then started crying and screaming and pointing and Payt saying "Why you do that to me!" He'd singed off his eyelashes! So funny..
Baby Finn got 3 new teeth this last week!
All on top. That brings his grand total to 5!
He loves to rub his tongue on them and give cheesy silly grins! SO CUTE!

Last but not least...I asked this little dude to go get ready to go to the pool....
(mind you he can barely pull his pants down to peepee)
and he got his swim suit on...!backwards but on!
I was so proud;)
and don't you love his choice of footwear?

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Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Christian :) The big 3-0. Welcome to the club! Looks like you had a fantastic start to your day. Yummy!

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