Friday, July 9, 2010

Hey There. . . .

I really don't know what my problem is... I just don't give a ish about this blog anymore. I do. But I don't. I suppose life has finally caught up with me....n I've disappeared into the abyss of mothering 3 little boys, being a wife, endless cleaning and housework...and waiting tables.
 Nothing to spectacular.
I feel like our lives are in constant transition and it makes me a little onery sometimes.. I have boxes of belongings that I haven't seen in a year. I get rid of everything I possibly can so I won't have to pack it up when it comes time to move again..Cause eventually the time will come. I will not bother to hang shelves or pictures....or really decorate anything at all. I am so close to achieving "simplicity" I wonder if I can get any closer.
We were asked to move wards and go to the one "where we are supposed to go".....and frankly the transition isn't my cup of tea. I know its the right thing and how wards are set up....but really! Can there ever be a tiny little exception to the rule to help me keep my sanity? The people are really nice in the new ward....However I am not a super social gal....and so I don't really care to get to know anyone cause we won't be here long enough to bother and I never have 5 free seconds to go to any activities anyway... Lame.
I try to remind myself (frequently;) that those aren't the reasons we go to church. Usually that doesn't work though! What am I to do??! Geez. I'll tell you what I'm going to do..prolly nothing. Just pout about it and feel super sorry for myself. I've thought about joining up with the Catholic church cause word has it that they can go to whatever parish they want.. But I nixed the idea cause it still doesn't get my with the peeps I want to be with..and well I do have a testimony.
(even if it seems I don't..I do. No worries)
Well the other night Christian knelt down to say a prayer and I walked I knelt down while he prayed.. I just had this overwhelming feeling of contentment...cause everyday that "just" goes by.. IS A GOOD ONE! I have a wonderful husband, and 1.2.3 darling and funny little boys that are smart and healthy and bring so much happiness to our "home" (which is really super nice bytheway..I'm really grateful to be here for the time being). I haven't received any tragic news.  I mean usually the worst thing that happens to me are I get crappy tips every now and then at work:)
 I really am blessed and I know it. Sometimes that doesn't cure the feelings of that one commandment.."Thou shalt not covet". What! I totally covet all the time! Its such a doozy to overcome. I figure I'm damned either way...You either covet thy neighbor..or best friend, or cousin, etc... Or occasionally you run into someone that has a equally lame plight and you feel  happy... cause misery loves her some company. You know its true.
So that's where I am. I wish I could think of something funny to say everyday for this blog...cause its kinda therapeutic..but prolly I won't..But maybe I'll try. Maybe
Or maybe in the morning....if and when I remember I wrote this post I'll delete it..cause it is after all a little "out there" it makes me feel a little vulnerable. You would never even know I was here. I really should have a journal.. I get this way at night after all the chickens and the rooster are in bed. I can't help it.
Just wanted whoever might stop by to know..this is where I'm at...mmmkay.

Here are a few no particular order.


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