Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cake Shmake

Its the worst when you volunteer to bring a cake to a un-birthday party for your niece who is turning 7. . . at the very end of December that is. But she wants a summer party on a random day in August. Which is totally fine! But I said I would bring this cake and well above is what it looked like 15 minutes before we were supposed to leave! Frosting dripping off like its a icicle in July.. Panic. Should I just stop and grab one at Costco? I mean this one looks like a Tahitian Bungalow from 1989. Dang. . . and do I put 6 years and 7 months worth of candles, or should I just go ahead and put 7? Decisions, decisions. . .and then all this cake trauma brought back a memory of another birthday cake I made. It was for my mother in law and I didn't realize til a few months later that those little white flowers with yellow fact did look like eggs.....sunnyside up. I'm sure everyone thought it was the funniest looking cake but were to kind to say anything. Don't ask me to bring a cake...and if I volunteer....just politely tell me to forget the whole thing.
That is what you should do.
Here it is completed....a little better. But still bungalowish.

You do remember this one! You all were laughing your heinys off about it.

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Carly said...

What the heck are ya talking about! The cake was adorable! I should have made Kaycee smile though..... She was tired. Any how thanks for bringing that cute cake:)

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