Monday, August 16, 2010

Cat and Mouse

So...We have a had a mouse. (another mouse)
I told Christian on Thursday and he didn't believe me.
(Cause he never "saw" the mouse)
Then yesterday he put his shoes on for church and he was like
"what the" is in my shoe?
He turned it over and a whole pile a mouse poop fell out. (barf)
Then he believed me, and game was on.
The last little mouse we had he caught in a trap, but the mouse didn't die.
Sooooo, He had to squish it..It was pretty tragic, and I'm pretty sure he cried.
So this little varmit had to be caught alive.
Christian was the cat and the mouse was the mouse...
and I was the nervous assistant.
I had to take take 2 nervous breaks.
One to go to the bathroom, and one to eat brownies.
Every time we would see the mouse we would both freeze like there HE is!
and one time the cat actually dove outta the way and may have screamed like a little girl! It was hilarious.
Eventually the cat caught the mouse in a computer box cause he had a awesome assistant (that was me remember) and on the way out the door with the mouse in box the cat said" You better stay in that box or I might scream (again) like a little girl and/or pee my pants." Classic.
Then when the cat came back in...I grilled him.. "Where is my computer box?" He said he'd tossed it into the field and was like are you sure the mouse was in it and he doubted for a second and then he was sure it was cause it was scratching around and then I was like go get my box.
The END.
But then the cat hoped aloud that he would be blessed for his efforts in catching the little guy alive and for not killing it.
Then it really was the END.

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Amy Rindy said...

So glad you've been posting again - I love your writing, and you always crack me up!

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