Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Children N Stuff.....

I super hate the new editor I put on here...
I can't even figure out how to get my pictures on here in a orderly fashion...
Yipee Skipee for messiness!
Welll........We have been bizay.

My little man started Kindergarten.... and I was like WOOT! See ya in 3 hours have a splendid day. He was okay the first day..pretty nervous...but I like skipped my way outta there. Day 2 came and he cried! Cried! He chased me down the fence line as I drove away and it really was like the saddest thing. ( I didn't actually see him cry..he just told me he did) Day 3 he entered my room first thing in the morning and claimed he had a sore throat and would not be going to school. Yes sir you are going to school...He cried again....Day 4 cried pulls at my mommy strings I admit..I guess I can only love the fact that he's in Kindergarten if he does... Its gotten better this week there has been no tears! He still doesn't like it and chokes up when the whistle is blown...but he's getting there.

My littler man started Preschool....He loves it and could care less that I'm not there. He jumps outta the car, flashes me a peace sign and he's off...Seriously...I think the kid came from under a rock. He doesn't seem to care that he has a mother..
Ry also went to the dentist.......................ah the dentist.
He has been a few other times but never let them do the xrays..
Well he did this time and it wasn't pretty.(I'm going to leave it at that to protect my ego! haha)
He had to be put to sleep at a surgical center to have his work done. He was so brave and did great...If anyone was sad about it...It was Christian and I! We now are brushing morning and NIGHT come hell or high water. Lesson learned.

My littlest man Finn is as sweet as ever and I could just eat him up I like him so much. He is now 9 months and the best baby. We love him so much. I taught him to say Uh-Oh much like you would a parrot :) He now says it like 900003948575 times a day.. Sometimes he gets lazy and he'll just say Uh-mmmmm. So cute. He also says Mamamama.. I just know he is talking to me.
One day he woke up and said "mother I WILL NOT eat gerber baby food anymore" and he hasn't. So much for convenience. He eats pretty much everything I give him though..
He is rolling around every where and prolly will be crawling tomorrow. He is sooooo close! He can pull himself up into a standing position and just tonight mastered going from sitting to laying to sitting again.

I love my boys....and my big boy too;)

and now for some messiness. . . . . .

Yes I actually did make Payt wear jeans the first day and he was one of like 3 kids that did..Prolly it was a hundred degrees that day! I wanted to take him home and change him and repent of my ways......But there wasn't time,,Sad. He has worn shorts ever since no worries!


Christen Aubrey said...

Your boys are so funny! And SO cute! I miss seeing you guys! I cant imagine Henry in school... Crazy how time flies! LOVE YOU!

Millie Killpack said...

It was so fun to read your post. You are a great writer. You make me nervous about Kate starting kindergarten. I could see her doing the same thing. I love your family and am glad your doing well.

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