Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How We Keep it Real

Here is a text message conversation Christian and I had on Saturday whilst I was at Target.

C: "I'm so blah today"

J: "Sounds so fun, get Ry dressed.:)"

C: "You don't ever have lazy days? Bum.

J: "You don't need to call names."

C: "You are being critical of my blahness."

J: "False, I said, it sounded "fun" if you recall...."

C: "In a sarcastic tone no doubt"

J: "You can't say that. The message was sent via text, so you'll never really know."

C: "But I know YOU. I know you boo."

J: "Still, what would a jury say?"

C: "Men or Women?"

J: "Both"

C: "If it's equal, the jury would be hung."

J: "Like a horse?"

C: "Like ****."

J: "I think he is growing into it just fine. Back off!"

C: "Speaking of, he's still passed out. Normal?

J: "Ya glad he's getting in a good one."

C: "You lied to me, there is no way it takes this long to return 2 little things"

J: "Well you sent Payt along, and he wants a dental extraction prize...And now prolly I'll be here the rest of ever."

C: "I sent PAYT? That's what he told you? That's false. Just tell him he can pick out a game at game stop."

J: " Fine, I took him cause you are blah. That is no fun for anybody. He wants the toy he picked."

C: "I disagree. Its fun for Finn who can sleep instead of being dragged around. Its way fun for Ry who NEVER EVER gets his own turn to play the PS2 . So he is happy as a clam...and its fun for me. Now tell me your sorry."

J: " No I will not tell you I'm sorry...cause I'm not. I'm pulling in and you'd better be outta your underpants and take me on a hot date with all the kids:)"

C: "To...."

J: "Its a date your taking ME on, remember?"

C: "I choose to put the kids in front of the TV and take a nap. That's the hottest date I can think of."

J: "Well I think we should eat...and take a nap tomorrow:)"

C: "Don't ask me to plan it ever again."

J: "I'll just be sitting in my car listening to Nelly. Can I be your shorty even though I'm 5 foot 8?"

C: "I don't think so, that's toooo tall."

J: "Rude. Guess I'll have to find me a super tall man so I can be his shorty even though I'm tall."

Then Christian showed up to the car and we went on our HOT DATE with all the children. He said he was glad I'm tall...But I still couldn't be his shorty. Geez. While we were driving he pinched and pulled my face so he could see "what I'd look like with plastic surgery." Then I leaned over and thought about kissing him...upon doing so realized he had a 5:00 shadow times 34,567,585 and asked him" when was the last time you shaved?"... he didn't know, and we laughed. We went to the China House and ate food filled with MSG...I debated on whether I should steal the check presenter again..But chickened out so Christian asked if we could have one (cause he is the best husband eva) and the girl told him no.

Guess I'll just have to steal it (again) next time.

Is this how everybody else keeps it real too?


Unknown said...

Hey you!!! I miss you like crazy and this post especially reminds me of how much I love you and your hilarious self! I hope you are doing well. I also have to tell you thank you for your post about third chances. i really needed that, so thanks again for your words of encouragement. You reminded me that I to can get through difficult times, even when you think you can't! I love ya!

Christian Levi said...

You edited the conversation!!! Baby if you're gonna out me then atleast do it right. Be real honey. Are you ashamed?

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