Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Problem With Being Night Owl

Today I received a text from my significant other thanking me for actually posting something on this long lost blog.....Then he said he looked forward to my next one at Christmas! What a back-handed thank you. Geez. I will blog just to prove you wrong. Content doesn't matter at this point. You'll be begging me to stop !


The problem with being a night owl it this...

I have 1-2-3 children.

and a man..that becomes super chatty/and or snorey in his sleep.

(He'll tell you I snore too. but its just abuncha lies.)

The eldest sleeps excellent 99.9% of the time (once he falls asleep that is..)He doesn't reappear til morning. He does however come down at least 3 times before he achieves sleep to tell me he is hot and has no sleepies and blah blah blah. On his third trip down with the same tragic story I usually send him packing with a ice pak..and we're good. Thank YOu Payt! Mommy appreciates this. .at least you do your whining before I've gone to bed. THis is why I give you allowance son!

My middle child sleeps like crap! and is the worst of ALL 3 er 4! He's never slept well. I'll never understand why the good Lord would send him to me that way? He talks and cries, and shouts and mutters in his sleep. I try to comfort him and he'll order me to go to the car and get his panda bear in my pajamas at 3 am...and bring some chocolate milk while I'm at it! I mean really!? I go to bed at 2 he could've woken up anytime before then....but he likes to wait til I've reached REM before he starts all his shenanigans. Rude. I like this child don't get me wrong. But sleep child....sleep. ( and this is why you don't get allowance...keep that in mind)

Then there is little Finn who I totally adore! and he has been sleeping quite well lately actually. When he does wake( he also likes to wait til I've reached REM) here it what I do: I toss a bottle in his crib. If he is especially sad I reach my arm over to any little arm or leg that is hanging out the bars of his crib and I hold it and sing.... (Just like a good elephant mother would)."Baby mine don't you cry, baby mine dry your eyes...Rest your head close to my heart..Never to part, Baby of mine..... and he goes to sleep. Not hard, but a interruption nonetheless.

Then there is my husband who talks in his sleep. But I'll blog about that a different day. ( so you'll have something to read at work honey;)

Anyway, since I like to stay up late I need you all to let me sleep. Quit with all the racket and middle of the night drama. I don't think its expecting to much to have you all sleeping peacefully with no interruptions til like 930 am....Right? THanks! Love you guys. mMMwah.
family sleeping habits documented. check.


Christen Aubrey said...

You are a hillarious writer!!

Cowan Family said...

Cute pictures of your boys they are all getting so big. You are so funny too.

Debbie said...

Just wait till to have to get up at the butt crack of dawn to get kids dressed, hair combed, fed and ready to go out the door with all homework, backpacks, lunches and have to drive them to school. Oh how I'll miss sweet summer vacation with no early morning schedules....bugger.

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