Monday, September 13, 2010

Family Dinner

I decided to do a family dinner Sunday after church. You know the kind where you you sit around the table and not the bar, or other random places:) I made roast, mashed tatoes,corn, rolls, per much the whole 9 yards.

We never do family dinners. We are only home together one whoppin' night a week with Christian's school and my working.*sniff*. We need to do it more even if only one parent can be there. Family dinners are great for teaching the chickens all about manners n stuff. I've learned from watching other parents that manners don't just come "with age"....they don't. I tell you they do not. You actually have to teach them. I know,... weird right?

Payt and Riley are pretty well mannered(most the time)(Riley in sacrament meeting yesterday doesn't count;)...But eating at the table as a family gives opportunity for so much more! Why haven't I been doing this?? They learn pleases and thank yous, chewing with mouth closed, how to make conversation, proper use of utensils, politeness, clean-up, eating what is offered! There is no making separate dinners for picky children....not in a gazillion years. They can learn to try everything on the table and be grateful for what is there, even if its not their favorite.(meaning its not macaroni and cheese with hotdogs, or fruit loops) This'll be my new thing for making these stinky little boys into good men. Dr. Laura would be so proud!

Anyway. Dinner went well! We only had 2 spilled glasses of water. I also "allegedly" set the crock pot directly on the table after dinner when I was clearing and it burned a awesome oval into the table. Sigh.

Did you know that Thanksgiving is a plumbers busiest day of the year?

Do you know why?

It from peeps stuffing carrot and potato peelings down the disposal!

This is what I was thinking as I was stuffing potato peelings down mine.

A little voice kept saying "DON'T do it Jamee!" over and over.

"Put them in the garbage!!!!", it screamed...

"Nope I'm putting em down the disposal", said I.

They went down wonderfully.

Just kidding, I only thought they did.

Then this morning when I went to do another load in the dishwasher the sink wouldn't drain. What? But the tato peels went down just fine! Turns out when you put a lot in there they make like a glue in the pipe and stick together. After a lot of vinegar, baking soda, and plunging. Its fixed, no worries. The children didn't mind missing out on going to the zoo while I fixed it at all.

I am becoming like a plunging goddess. For real.


KyAnn (like Cayenne Pepper, only HOTTER) said...

I found your blog through my friend Kellie. You should totally hang out with her.

Kellie said...

Next time I have a plumbing problem, I'm calling you. And , yeah, you'd better come to the next bloggers gno :)

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