Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I did it

I've started packing.

Ya know those little boxes that milk comes in at Costco?

I've packed 2 of those.

I didn't think it was going to happen, so I'm pretty pleased with myself.

I was starting to think they might have to drag me out by my toenails...

and just leave all my stuff behind.

I've decided its not going to be to bad.

I simply don't own near as much as I used to.

Still ....This is like the 17th time I've moved this year. I'm so tired.


I am feeling a little anxious.

Can someone pass the Celexa?

Just Kidding.


Sometimes(allthetime) life brings change and will require optimism at its best!

I'm trying so hard. But sometimes I forget.

So don't be mad if I do.

Practice, practice, practice!

I am sad Payt and Ry are leaving their little friends! Sniff, sniff, sniff.

What if there aren't any new little friends?

Payton will be so sad.

The Secretary at the new elementary school was not nice at all.

She says he has to be on track A. I hate track A.

He might just stay at the same school. I'm worried for him.

What if my new ward, which is also my old ward. (7x over)

What if they put me in the nursery???

There'll be no where to run. I'm already preparing for it.

That way I can happily accept.

Then the Celexa will come into play for sure:0)


Sometimes people don't like when I write about grumpiesh things on this blog.

But it is my blog...

So if you don't like....Well.

I mean where do you think I live?

The magical kingdom at Disneyland,. . .

where they serve up green apple cotton candy everyday?

I don't live there.

And neither do you.

Sometimes this blog is therapeutic for me! What? I can't help myself!

Sometime I just pretend that no one reads it at all.

That way I don't feel all weird when I write whatever the crap I want. haha.


Guess what else?

We had another mouse last night!

The boys keep leaving the front door open and the little varmints keep coming in.

That's why my house looked like this last night! It wasn't cause I was packing.

We had to catch the critter. (alive) cause we're wusses.

Did you know a mouse can hop like a frog?

Well now you know they can....and its makes it very hard to catch the little SOBs.

***Post Edit.

Christian just saw another bleepin mouse. He is going after is with a Guatemalan

sling shot.

Oh dear. This could get violent.


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beth said...

OK, I SO love reading your blog! You're so funny!

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