Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Lurter Too The Mister

Deer Hunny,
I saw you're comment about how I yused the word "to", and "too" contexually wrong. Babie, I'm sorry. Did ewe ever stop to think wy my grammer sux so bad? Don't ewe remember that we had English class in 11th and 12th grade together? I was sew in love with ewe...I didn't even pay attention! I was like I love this boy sew much! We would spend all class period passing notes back and forth. I wood just sit their and day dream about how I loved ewe sew much and that won day we might get married. Then ewe wood tell me how your taking sum other gurl to prom and stuff...I wood be sew sad! I wood be like what about are babys Payton, Riley, and Finny????? Sew then I wood stew over that! Poor Mrs. Mckinnnon hated us!
Sew, per much its your fault that I am won of those wimmen that can't spell and does knot no the difference between "to" and "too". I sorta do, but kinda I don't. I no that too kinda can go in the place of "also" right?
Whale anyway. I think I can find sum tutorials on WikiHow.. Sew I can get better. I shore don't want to be won of those dumb housewives that sux at grammer and stuff. I also knead help with "their" and "they're"! Oh my gosh.... So confusing four me.
Sum people are just better at things then others. You are super good at liking utes football and creating multiple accounts on comment boards to stir the pot with BYU fans in big ways. I think its so funny ewe do that! Ewe are also such a peepely person and a spelling bee champ! WOOT!. But I am sew much better at well skeeball for one. Also I can make scrambled eggs whey better than ewe and I am pertty much the most awesomest diaper changer/throw up cleaner upper/carpet scrubbing gurl ever! We complement each other sew whale.
I gotta go now, are baby Finny has been blowing up at both ends all morning :(
Love ewe sew much,
Your Wyfe

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Kellie said...

Hahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahhaha! (Deep breath) Hahahahahahahaha!

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