Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Not As Planned...But Still Good.

We went on our little trip to St Charles. We were so excited! It didn't go quite as planned, but we still had a great time taking time off work and being together as a family.
Here's how it went. . .Cause I know you are all dying to know.
Thursday night: I come home from work and hit the sack, I don't remember why. . I just did. Christian cleans the house til its sparkling...cause he's sweet like that.
Friday: Got a late start getting out. We (meaning I I I) decide to go to Swiss Days to get the vacay started. Bad-bad-bad idea. We have to hoof it like a mile to get to event. The children and husband are ready to go from the start. They complain, I pout. We leave 17 minutes and 7 seconds after our arrival. We stop for a Swiss cone on the mile walk back....
Which was like as big as my head. (the Swiss cone)

Here are the boys eating the Swiss cone
We continue on thru Evanston and in to the beautiful Bear Lake Valley. I have a blasted headache upon our arrival:( I hit the sack again and Christian take the children to Montpelier to get Studebaker's pizza. I get up and am feeling lovely. I spend a few moments star gazing. The dark sky has a million twinkling lights. SO BEAUTIFUL! I am reminded there is indeed a God, who is our Heavenly Father...and He loves US....and He is in control. Comforting.

Saturday: Christian goes golfing with my Dad and is kind enough to take Payton. He takes the boys on the four wheelers and goes on imaginary hunts. We go to town and eat Studebaker's pizza again with my parents. The boys enjoy the trampoline, including Finn:) We watch "Diarreah of a Wimpy Kid" Which was a total hit for Payton.

Sunday: Baby boy turns 10 months! I have a little sore throat when I wake up. We go to Church. We hang around, have dinner. Decide to go on a drive around the whole lake. I lose a bet cause I say it only takes a hour and actually takes longer than that. We stop on East Shore so the boys can throw rocks into the "ocean".

"Ry do you need to pee pee?"
finally I got him to go.

We come back and visit with my parents about going to Jackson Hole on Monday. They leave. I am feeling fine at 807pm at appx 808pm I AM NOT.
A bird flies into the window right next to where I'm sitting and dies right there and then. Tragic.
Monday:I have fever/chills/sweats/fever/chills/sweats/fever/chills/sweats/aches. .
and my throat is on fire. I diagnose myself with Strep and call in some Amoxicillin off the black market.
No Jackson Hole, no anything. Lame!
Finnley is like "Are you my mother or are you not my Mother?"
Christian plays with the children and take them to Studebaker's pizza. AGAIN.
He is such a good daddy. He gives me a blessing and we have tender moments. Ah.
Tuesday: We pack up and leave....arrive home. I sleep, then Christian sleeps. I feel a little better so we pick up Cafe Rio with our remaining 13 bucks of vacation money. UH, not a good idea when your throat is swollen with infectious craters lining it. (Did you just puke in your mouth a little when I said that?) Sorry. Its like swallowing a teaspoon of anthrax.
Then we drive home and Payton is telling us a story about roundy pools and noodles and roundy pools and noodles and we are laughing cause he musta said "and guess what" like 57 times! We didn't even listen to the story cause we were counting the "and guess whats". Then I suggested we bath the rug rats and C was like "NO WAY, I have had enough children time! and we are just going to put their sloppy heiny's to bed!". He was on like his 72nd hour of daddy daycare at this point.....So that is exactly what we did.
LOve you honey! Thanks for all your hard work. Better luck next time;) I owe you big sweetie.
Like I might make you Gyoza for dinner..Will that make up for it at all?
You know how I hate makin Gyoza, but I will do it just to show my

Here are pictures Payt and Ry drew for Grams and Gramps

Thanks grams and gramps!
and the end
Because sometimes when you think its NEVER going end...
It does.

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