Friday, September 10, 2010

Mr. Scrunchy Face and Stuff

Gadzooks. Life has been rough around here. Just kidding, well sorta. Ok I'm not at all. I've been all streppy and feeling crappy. .

Yesterday went just like this.

(I am going to do this all in one sentence,,,don't worry.)

I get up, change the baby and take him downstairs set him down to play, like 5 minutes later I look and there is a little pile a poop on the floor, and I'm looking around for a dog or a cat, and there isn't one,(CAUSE I DONT HAVE/OR WANT One) anyway the baby had exploded if you know what I mean, I scrubbed the carpet, cleaned the baby, and then 10 minutes later littler clogs the toilet and it takes a HOUR to fix and then of course I had to clorox the whole @#$% bathroom even prolly the ceiling needed it,and then THEN I realize that my little man is now off track, what? who does that?, the kid just gets used to it and now he has to stay home with me for 3 bloody weeks?, all sicky and no fun at all! then I'm getting littler ready for preschool and he keeps asking me if Mrs. Balls is mad at him, and I remember I told him in the car 2 weeks ago when he was being naughty that I was going to tell Mrs. Balls on him to get him to be good, sad!, also its yellow shirt day so I find my most favorite yellow shirt that I had been saving just for yellow shirt day, I put it on the boy and scrub his face and boogery nose...8 seconds later his nose is bleeding!all over the favorite yellow shirt, for real! I had to send the child to school in a non yellow shirt and he was late, prolly Mrs. Balls thinks I'm a terrible Mother:( then we pick him up and I'm like at my wits end so I decide I will take the children to the pool for one last hurrah, it was horrible and windy and no fun at all, we get home I bath the children and tell them we're all going to have a little quiet time, I give them some books put them in bed and tell them to stay or else, I sit down and my eyes roll back into my head and no more than 67 seconds later Payton comes down! eeeek little man, did you not hear the "or else" part? Frick. He would like a sucker for him and his brother.fine, have WHAAAAATEVER you want! Just have some quiet time for the love! He takes the suckers and then like 85 seconds later I hear Riley gagging.......and puking. alllllllover the carpet, himself, and toys, when he's finished he says "excuse me mom" like 19 times and it was kinda funny but not, and I cussed in my head a few times and then proceeded to scrub the carpet ABLOODYGAIN. Riley then falls asleep and when he wakes up there his sucker is all wrapped up in his hair,,,so he needs another bath, then my husband comes home and has to eat spaghetti for dinner for the 4th day in a row.....I would have written this post yesterday and said something along the lines of how I hoped for a better tomorrow, but I didn't want to speak or hope to soon ya know? Today I've cleaned up another throw up and 2 other accidents, and my throat still hurts. and Christian ate spaghetti for dinner yet again. Here's to tomorrow though. . . Its got to be a good one. Its just gotta.
Anyway, did you get all that? If you didn't it wasn't no worries.
I dare you to try and edit all that! It almost really is one sentence.

Even though I've had some lame#^$& days. . .I love them( the days) I know there are lots of moms out there that would give anything to have lame days just to have them at all. We have mostly fabulous days, ok that's a overstatement....But I am grateful for them, really I am. Cause even on rough days I get to see Finn make Mr. Scrunchy face. Its the best! Riley is hilarious, and Payton is such a great little helper and just wants to make me happy...Christian didn't even whine when he ate spaghetti for the 5th day in a row. Love you boys.

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