Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Setting The Record Straight In A Rambly Sorta Way

Yesterday I got this random comment on my blog....from her. (Bytheway she is like so super friggin funny.) Good thing I've had all C-sections if you know what I mean. Anyway....I did some investigating and this is what I found. A girl named Kellie from my West Valley ward had posted this on her blog.

"Jamee at this
blog is hilarious! At least her blog is. Jamee and I used to live on the same street, but in real life Jamee is the most anti-social person I have ever met. My West Valley friends and I invited her to every get together, every girls night out, to go early morning walking with us, and I even invited her to dinner at my house a couple of times. She never came not once.

Oh, she's nice and everything, she just never wanted to hang out. Ever. Our husbands were actually pretty good friends- Christian is one of the nicest people I have ever met, and their 3 little boys are super duper adorable! We have both since moved, and I found her blog through a mutual friend a few months ago. It made me mad. It pissed me off that this woman is such a cool person, but I never really got to know her while I lived by her. Why did she hide her awesome self away from us West Valley girls? Were we that ghetto? Or is she really just that introverted?

She is so FUNNY! I absolutely LOVE reading what she has to say. I hope you check her out, and while your there feel free to tell her how cool I am, and that she should come hang out with me sometime. For real."

Holy EUREKA! I had to read through it twice and sure enough, she was talking about me. ME. I thought it was so nice that she would like my little ol' blog...and I think she may have even used the words awesome and cool when referring to me. ME. However, she also used the words anti-social, and introverted. I felt so repentant. Prolly all these girls think I think they are "ghetto" and I made them feel that way. I realized I probably make A LOT of people feel that way. GULP.
May I try and explain?
"Try", I said.
I am in fact those words she used (not the cool and awesome, but the others.)
I am not cool, and a little(lot) insecure about my little old self.
I have a difficult time making new friends cause I am afraid of change.
I just get so nervous to put myself out there....ya know!
I am not cool.
I wear ugly cloths..
I hardly ever change my earrings! I wear my hair up EVERYDAY!
I only put make-up on to go to work and church!
Don't judge my uncoolness.
I can almost hear everybody gasping at my un-awesomeness!
I am a total frump with a big budonkudonk.
I try so hard to keep my house all spic and span, but its not . Like ever.
I am a working mother and that leaves little time to hang out and do anything fun.
I just don't fit in anywhere, with anybody... So I hide away.

Do you still want to hang out with me? Knowing what I just told you?

SO. Anyway. People come to my blog and they are like what the hell?
(for lack of a better word honey)
and they can't believe I actually write this thing.
That's why I wrote on the sidebar...."I am Jamee. I write this blog"
I have multiple personalities I guess.
My blog personality which is kinda out there and totally a open book..
This personality, I think most closely resembles the real Jamee...
My devilish personality, which most often manifests itself at work..
(which should die prolly)
and last but not least obviously my introverted anti-social one.
(which is sadly the one most people know me to be)
(and should also die)
Do you think there is hope for me?
Could people like me just for just being me? Even though I'm frumpy workin girl....
CAN I LIKE ME? Even though I'm not like you?
Oh Nelly. I'm going to work on it.
So Kellie, I'm really sorry if I made you feel bad. I know you are a cool chick. Can I have another chance? I could come to your place tomorrow at 430 am for a walk, or you and your cute little family could come to dinner at my house? Maybe? Or no? I would love to come to a GNO with the West Valley girls, or any girls for that matter. I could even try and look cute..TRY I said...No promises.



Anonymous said...

Jamee you are the best. I feel exactly like you most of the time - antisocial and blah - you're not alone there. That's hilarious what your friend said! Just for the record, I think you're cool and in a lot of ways I want to be like you :)

Debbie said...

Oooh. This is intruguing....I feel a social get-together coming on. I'll be frumping right beside you :) BTW, we really do want to get to know you :)

JameeMaLee said...

Oh Debbie. You've always been to kind for your own good. Lets do get together soon!

Christian Levi said...

To; We're going TO the store.

Too; You're TOO kind.

Sorry baby....

I can't help myself. It's not MY fault you married the Riverton Elementary School 5th grade Spelling bee CHAMPION!!! I can't help who I am....

Kellie said...

You are COOL and you know it! And here I am, rocking the boat...you are a great sport. Walking, dinner, gno, whatever, I would love to hang out anytime :)

Amy Rindy said...

I think you are hilarious and awesome and all that other stuff too. Who cares if you're different at different times... aren't we all? As long as you're in the mood for hanging out with people, let's get our little families together soon!

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