Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Settling In


I have been moving this past week..

Its been way worse than I thought it would be.

Remember how I was like I got rid of all my stuff and this will be cake and blah.

Well turns out it was all in my Father in Laws shed.


I don't want those Christmas dishes, and old books etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.

Its a good thing that I didn't know it was going to be so much work.

Cause Ida just stayed put, ..if you know what I mean.

I mean I knew it'd be work.

But THIS much?

Its borderline tortuous.


At this rate we'll be all "settled in" by Christmas.

Good news is is our old place is finally cleaned spic and span for the

new peeps and now I can focus on maybe getting my underwear into

their proper place and so on.

Bad news is....well..Christian has stolen my side of the bed!

For nearly 7 years I have shared MY bed with this man.

(and mostly I like it)

For 7 years I have slept on the side that's closest to the door.

It doesn't matter if its the right side or left side.

I repeat the side closest to the door is MINE!

Cause I am Mother, & when a child cries its me who must exit through

the door to do my thing.

And.... and my feng shui tells me that is where the universe wants me to sleep.

Don't you give me this crap that the universe is telling you the same thing.

Its so not.

So you better move outta my side or lose it Mister.

Last night I was going to lay horizontal on the bed and kick you til you fell off.

But you've been under the weather with a swollen uvula and stuff and well ,

I feel sorry for you.

But for real, tonight is the last night!

As I write this, I know that you are on my side again.

(Prolly cause the universe told me)

Come tomorrow night. I will fight for my territory. Swollen uvula or not.



Christen Aubrey said...

so funny!!! I need help with my blog!! how do you find and install a cute new font????? PLEASE HELP!

Debbie said...

Oh Jamee, sorry that you have so much to "settle in". Snap some pics and sell it on KSL classifieds..get some extra cash! You're a trooper :) And I totally agree, your side of the bed is closest to the door, tell Christian I SAID SO!

Christian Levi said...
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Christian Levi said...


When YOU have a sore throat that requires Lortab/Percoset JUST FOR PAIN RELEIF...THEN and only then can you complain about which side of the bed you sleep on.

BUT until then, when you say your prayers tonight make sure you thank Heavenly Father #1 that you can eat bananas and #2 that your UVULA doesn't follow your food down when you swallow.


Kellie said...

THat's right, Jamee, don't take that crap from Christian! (Or maybe let him know who ever sleeps closest to the children gets up with the children...) So where are you living now? Do you like it?

emily said...

That's my side of the bed too...the closest side to the door!

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