Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Field Trip. A concussion. Baby is 11 months. A ruptured eardrum...and stuff.

That is like the longest title on a blog post ever.
Check World Guinness cause for sure it is!

Payton had his first school field trip. I got to go with him and ride the bus and everything! He was so happy to have me along and coming from this child that means a lot. We went to Farnsworth Farms and saw how they make their apple cider. I normally hate apple juice. But theirs was so fresh and yummy! You can buy it at Harmons and healthy food stores.

Do you know the difference between apple juice and apple cider?
Its not cinnamon! Shocker. I totally thought cider had spice in it.
In juice they remove the pectin to make it all clear and yellow.
Now you learned something new today.
Also did you know Johnny Appleseed turned 200 last week?
Now you learned 2 new things today!

Here is Payt with his sweet little friend Mary.
Oh how we miss Mary. She lived next door to us at our old
place. She would come over for gluten meals 3 times a day:)

On the bus.

In other news.

Baby Finny turned 11 months!


It goes by so fast. sniff sniff.

He also has been a total crabby patty. I took him to the Dr. and he has a ruptured ear drum.

Saddest thing ever!


Payton fell yesterday afternoon and smacked his forehead into the cement. It was not a normal bump your head typa fall. He became disoriented, and sick, and sleepy. He went to the ER and little guy had a concussion. So scary. He is doing fine now. For sure we will be enforcing the helmet rule from now on.

That's all. The End.

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