Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Kind Of Mother I Am

Most the time I'm just to dang busy to care to much about being a tightwadmother.
If the kids want to spend all the money we took to the pumpkin festival on crappy fake light saber toys that's fine. I mean for real. We have hardly any weapon like toys at our house. We for sure need more fake weapons. I am raising boys after all. Therefore it is necessary to have 809374823942 guns/swords/knives etc scattering our abode at all times. If they run around like banchees hitting random children in the chops with the things....well that's fine too.

 The best part was driving home. I was just so happy that one chose red, and one chose blue. I strongly encouraged them to wave them around wildly in the back seat in hopes that someone might think for a split second that they were being pulled over. Then they would quickly realize they were not and would feel that warm fuzzy feeling you get after you realize your not getting pulled over. You know that feeling right? Then I could take credit for all of it, the warm fuzzy feeling that is. I could then mark off that I did in fact do a good deed for the day! Which otherwise prolly wouldn't happen to be 100% honest. What?

If my child leaves the house with this combination of shoes. I say a quick prayer of gratitude that number one he has on 2 shoes, and number 2, well at least they aren't like 2 left ones. I mean we do have a right and a left here. That's all you really need. Right? Be grateful in all things.
If I serve up a dinner that looks like this. Well, bon appetite little men. We can't have dino chicken nuggets every night! We need a little variation ok.

This is the kind of mother I am. I'm working on coming to terms with it. Mostly cause I don't think its going to change ya know. Some things are meant to be just the way they are. I'm sure of it.


nathalia said...

So good to see from the few posts that I read that you are doing so well and have a beautiful family and are the kind of mother, with the kind of humor, I aspire to be! I'm with ya!

Laura Alvord said...

Okay Jamee, you are so hilarious. I laughed out loud when I saw the smiley eggs. You did your good deed today of making me laugh as my kids are scratching each others faces off as we speak. Thanks!

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