Thursday, October 14, 2010

One Step Closer

I just wanted to tell you guys that I'm one step closer to making it to heaven. Don't get all excited and start pointing out my other sins. I already know all about them, no worries. I keep a list and that way my sins are all organized and I can mark them off as I repent of them.
Well anyway there is this cook at my work.. Paco is his name.(his fake name)(come to think of it his "real" name prolly isn't really his real name either;) Paco and I were great friends for 3 years. Then one day I left for 2 months to have a baby named Finnster. When I came back, well Paco hated me! There was no good reason. For real there wasn't! I tried everything to make him like me again. I apologized, tried to be extra sweet. He would have none of it and hated my guts nonetheless. He laughed one day when I burned my hand. He would ignore me, and purposely make things hard on me... He was just so mean. I was so sad....But then one day I became angry and vindictive.(shocker I know) I can't count how many times I have egged, poured shampoo all over the man's car, slit his tires, burned his house down and simply wished him dead.(In my head)(all of it my head) SOOO sinful I know. I never carried through ok.(except the wishing him dead part) I really did in fact voice that opinion a few times. I should get credit though for never actually carrying out a caper on him.
Then a few months back my best friend Jess who I work with....she made him so mad. And then guys, he hated her too! I was so happy. What a great day! I enjoyed watching her apologize and trying to make Paco like her again. I knew he wouldn't . Misery LOVES company you know. Don't act like you don't know....I know you do.
Well a few days ago Paco talked to me! ME. He was friendly and nice, and I was like what the? For 10 long months he's been my one and only enemy. This was a big deal. I told Jess and I'm per sure she was super jealous. Then the next day he talked to me again, and I asked him if we could be friends and he said yes, and then Jess asked if they could be friends too and he said yes....and then they hugged. Um, I'm not hugging Paco ok.. So we just left it at that. I'm treading very softly... I've got to protect myself...ya know? Well the next day Jess and I went back to confirm that his hating us was truly over and he said he'd been tipsy the night before! LOL. Aren't there rules written about that? Anywho it still was for realsy.
So, this is really long and wordy. But I figure I can mark at least 107 sinful things pertaining to this whole Paco situation off my things to repent for list.
I'm working my sins like a bucket list, you all should too.
On to the next one.


Kellie said...

Sounds like it's Paco's problem to me. What a lunatic!

Debbie said...

Please see my previous blog post (Simple Plan). Some people just aren't worth it. And sometimes you just gotta move on...hopefully to better friends :) Chin up!

Kenny B said...

You blessed our lives by sharing something so personal. But I guess that's what Blogs are all about....?

Marshall Lynch said...

oh looks like it's the right path to paradise.
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georgi said...

Thanks for sharing...forgiveness is still the answer...though it is not is very rewarding.
Hope you visit my blog, think you will like it.

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