Saturday, December 18, 2010

Here I Am

I can't sleep.
I actually haven't even tried.
I finally got some new downloads on my I pod.
I thinks I'll just stay up til 5 am listening to them. What? There is a song I have been wanting so bad... I didn't even know what it was though. Didn't know who sang it. NOTHING. Well guys.. I found it! NO worries. Its Taio Cruz Break Your Heart...
Break break your heart.......
Love it.
So will Riley.
He super loves Taio...and frankly we in this house are all getting a little sick of Dynamite.
I have a rambley story/explanation.
Here it goes.
Like 9ish years ago I went on a mission to Costa Rica. I was called to be a welfare service missionary in addition to spreading the good news.

One thing I learned as a welfare service missionary was that we as human beings have needs. We all do. It is really hard to teach someone the gospel and have them progress if their needs aren't being met.
Many families and individuals on my mission were unable to progress cause they were going without their most basic needs. So as a welfare missionary I focused on helping people learn to become self sufficient in areas that were lacking so they could then focus on the gospel and progression in the church.
Do you get this? There must be order.
This is why I quit blogging. . . . and every other hobby I may have hoped to have, and I quit hanging out with friends, and I quit everything. The days keep passing, and passing and passing and passing. I keep
thinking I'm going to take control any minute now, any day now I'm going to put a drop in the bucket. I've lost my damn rocker.

This is a like a really wordy cjane like post where your like HUH!?? I don't get what this has to do with that? It does even if all 6 of you are confused..OK.

Christian really wants me to at least document and blog about our little families coming and goings. I really want to tell you about how Payt is such a good little man and so helpful, and Riley is the quirkiest most cutest little twerp ever and I secretly love when he calls me a cracker!, and how I'm so in love with Finn and how he has taken 13 months to sprout 4 hairs on his perfectly shaped little head!....and how Christian hates school buts he goes anyway and keeps on keeping on. LOVE him. I love my family. I hope for their sake I can find that damn rocker I was talking about. They deserve so much better.

When I do I'll be back.


ps my ears are numb


AEllsworth said...

I love your posts :) You should do it more often ;) Hope all is well with you guys!! & Happy Holidays!

Amy Rindy said...

Good to hear from you. And I get what you are saying! I definitely feel that sometimes too. I remember studying about the hierarchy of needs that we all have in some psych class once. We have to meet our basic needs in order to focus on the next ones in order. Or something. I used to know stuff a long time ago. :) Hope you guys are coming to the family party tomorrow!

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