Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby Finnley Turn(ed) ONE!

My littlest man is now nearing 15 months! 15. He is so precious. We love having this little man in our family. He is now walking, saying a few words and becoming VERY independent and stubborn! He likes it his way or the highway thankyouverymuch:)
 He loves to jump on his little trampoline, or a couch, or a bed or or anything that bouncy..bouncy..bounces.
He has a mild to well actually severe love of the dishwasher. He loves nesting toys and or anything that will fit inside something else. He loves his brothers and will follow them around to play. He loves when daddy comes home from work. He loves to follow me around all day. If I get in the shower I can always plan on him sitting outside the door when I come out. (unless the dishwasher wasn't shut tight:) Then of course he'll be there unloading it all over the floor. He has gorgeous blue eyes. He had a skiff of blond hair that his father shaved off while I was at work! SNIFF.
Still so sad bout it.
LOVE him so much. SO MUCH.

Pardon the lil snotty nose. Finn always has a snotty nose though. So.

 This was Finn's birthday cake.(like a week later) Who made this hideousness anyway? Something obviously went horribly awry! Thanks to Aunt Nattie who saved the day and got you a new one. I am documenting the ugly cake MONTHS later cause it's maker still isn't over it. HA.

 Oh look daddy left a treat in your reach...Feel free to go hide behind the recliner and have at em!
 SO Sweet

Don't you all wish you could have a Finn?


Amy Rindy said...

He really is so dang cute. His eyes are ridiculously beautiful. And yes please, I would love to have a Finn!

The Hessing's said...

Hello friend! I always ask brian to call so we can get together. Yoour are one of my favorite "friend's wives" send me your email so I can invite you to our blog!

Melissa said...

Soooo cute! What a sweet, fun little guy. To me he looks just like Christian! Do you get that a lot?

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